9.25.20 Week In Review

Facebook has removed the 20% text limit for advertisers. Facebook is offering free online courses to help businesses learn about becoming more discoverable. They have kicked off Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. Lastly, they have a Voter Empower Toolkit to help businesses encourage more people to vote.

LinkedIn has redesigned their platform to make it more community focused.

Youtube has introduced the ability to make short 15 second videos with Youtube Shorts.

This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share the Black Tech Green Money, a podcast aimed at helping Black inventors, scientists, engineers, and other Black professionals.

9.18.20 Week In Review

Facebook now has automated captions for Facebook Live and Workplace Live. Facebook is offering free online courses to improve your customer engagement and overall digital marketing skills. They have partnered with Coursera to create a Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program. Facebook introduced Facebook Business Suite to better help businesses run more efficiently on their platforms. Facebook now has a Climate Change Information Center to inform people on climate change and what they can do to help.


LinkedIn’s Retargeting Capabilities is a resource for businesses to refine their target audience and increase conversions. 


This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share the episode Raising White Kids with Jennifer Harvey on the podcast Integrated Schools. Dr. Jennifer Harvey discusses the topic of raising children in a racially unjust America.

9.11.20 Week In Review

Facebook is improving ways you can advertise on their platform with ‘Dynamic ads.’ They have also just released Facebook Campus for college students to connect.


Instagram now has an Equity Team and hired a new director for Diversity and Inclusion.


Twitter is adding more context to Tweets that are trending to help censor those who are posting potentially harmful content. 


Youtube has added new features to improve your music playlist


This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week is a podcast episode from Raising Free People called Choosing Learning Over Schooling. This is an insightful podcast for all parents, and especially those who are working from home with their kids attending online school. 

9.4.20 Week In Review

New Facebook Messenger limitations. Facebook Horizon is ready for users to start creating their very own Virtual Reality.

New feature on LinkedIn “My Company” allows businesses to build community and culture for employees. They also introduced a new Playbook that helps businesses with their marketing strategy.

Youtube TV now includes NFL Network for sports fans.

This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I share a historical article about The Great Migration, the event of millions of African Americans moving north less than a century ago.

8.28.20 Week In Review

Facebook Shop has new features to help small businesses create and manage an online store. New iOS 14 updates come with limitations for app installation advertisers on Facebook. Facebook News is expanding internationally to help publishers reach larger audiences.

Instagram announces easier access to checkout on their platform and is waiving online selling fees for businesses through the end of the year.

Snapchat is working on a feature that will allow you to add background music to snaps.

This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week is sharing the film 13th. Watch it now on Netflix.

8.21.20 Week In Review

Facebook introduced Educator Hub to help students and teachers stay connected. They also partnered with Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Zoom to offer more video conferencing apps on Portal.

Pinterest has launched a new shop highlighting Black-owned businesses.

Farmers are gaining popularity on Youtube and have created a community of FarmTubers.

Tik Tok must sell their platform by November 2nd.

This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week is an article from Real Talk: WOC & Allies.

8.14.20 Week In Review

Facebook has refined targeting options for advertisers. They have also officially launched their voting information center.

Instagram will start asking for identification from accounts that appear to be run by bots.

Twitter has introduced new conversation settings so that users have more control over who can participate in the dialogue.

LinkedIn announced that Scribd has taken over Slideshare to improve content experience on their platform.

The Chill Business Journey is still on a hiatus. This week’s Allyship Segment of the Week is focused on sharing the Black Lives Matter website. Check to see if there is a local chapter near you.

8.7.20 Week In Review

Facebook has partnered with U.S. Black Chambers in dedicating the whole month of August to support Black Business Owners. They are also addressing the housing crisis in the Bay area. Lastly, Facebook added a new feature to allow users to watch music videos on their feed.

Instagram Reels is a new feature on Instagram allowing you to create short 15 sec videos.

Twitter is labeling Government and Media affiliate accounts to better inform their users.

Pinterest exceeds 400 million users with Gen Z and Millennials driving growth.

LinkedIn committed to a Zero Waste Initiative.

Youtube is replacing Google Play Music with Youtube Music.

The Chill Business Journey will be on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. Although, we will continue with our Allyship Segment of the week. This week we talk about the little book, The Post-Racial Negro Green Book.

7.31.20 Week In Review

Twitter restricts Donald Trump Jr as he violates their new regulations around spreading misinformation.

Pinterest Insights show a boom in pins related to well-ness and self care as millions around the globe are restructuring their lives to have a more optimistic outlook.

LinkedIn is encouraging professionals to take advantage of their LinkedIn’s Learning online courses, and are offering a free month to get you started.

On The Chill Business Journey, I give you tools for your Live Video storage! And in our Allyship Segment of the Week I share a new Black Owned Business Directory that launches on August 1st.

7.24.20 Week In Review

Facebook now allows you to go live with others in messenger rooms. They are also offering “Summer of Support” training for small business owners to assist them with their digital marketing.

Instagram made it easier for you to start a fundraiser for things you care about.

Twitter had a major security breach as hundreds of celebrities and politicians got hacked in a Bitcoin scam. They also banned thousands of accounts associated with the group QAnon.

LinkedIn Introduces a guide “Turning In-Person Events Into Virtual Experiences”, giving business owners more opportunities to connect and interact with their communities. They also had to lay off 6% of their employees due to company changes.

On The Chill Business Journey, I talk about repurposing your live videos so you and your viewers can get the most out of your content. We also share the book Such a Fun Age by Keiley Reid in our Allyship Segment of the Week.

7.17.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases 2020 diversity report stating their commitment to help advance opportunities for POC communities. They also launched the largest voter registration and information campaign in US history.

Instagram has introduced Instagram Shop and Facebook Pay to make shopping easier and more secure on their platforms.

LinkedIn is back with Live With Marketers, an award winning show where real marketers talk about real problems.

TikTok is at risk for being banned in the U.S.

On The Chill Business Journey, we take Live Videos to the Next Level with 3rd party tools and hardware. In our Allyship Segment of the Week we share the new podcast produced by CNN and hosted by Don Lemon, Silence Is Not An Option.

7.10.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases new features for businesses in WhatsApp. They also released new courses in Facebook Blueprint.

YouTube announces July 25th project “Life in a Day 2020”. And they brought on more channels and increased YouTube TV’s monthly fee.

On The Chill Business Journey, we talked about Going Live on Instagram.

And this week’s Allyship Segment of the Week was a curated list of Black Business Owners that Amy Porterfield shared.

7.3.20 Week In Review

Facebook & Instagram release face covering message at top of their apps. Facebook responds to the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. Facebook’s Summer of Support is in full swing. They also updated several Business Terms, which affect most businesses on the platform. New features for creators to monetize on Facebook came out too.

Pinterest hires outside firm to audit their workplace culture.

LinkedIn releases free skills initiative to help those that lost jobs due to the pandemic.

Going Live on Facebook is the topic on The Chill Business Journey this week. And our Allyship Segment of the week is about the Dismantle Collective.

6.26.20 Week In Review

Facebook's Summer of Support has officially launched, as well as a Step by Step Guide to help your business move to online selling. They also released Limited Data Use to be compliant with the CCPA.

Instagram updates Instagram Shopping to allow for more businesses to use the feature.

Pinterest shares auto industry marketing data.

LinkedIn partners with eMarketer to share a report on LinkedIn data.

YouTube launches Camp YouTube until July 5th. They also launched #BrandCast Delivered

This week on The Chill Business Journey, we get into 3rd Quarter Marketing Planning

6.19.20 Week In Review

Facebook Groups can no longer switch from Private to Public. Several new features/functions come to Portal. New Privacy Page to aggregate updates on privacy. They also shared some initiatives they are implementing so support the Black Community. Sign up for Facebook's Summer of Support...free! 

Instagram is reviewing their platform's structure for any racial bias

Twitter launches Voice Tweets

Pinterest supports PRIDE month. Pinners prove to be early tech adopters

LinkedIn has made their Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging series of courses FREE through 8/31/20. 

YouTube releases their Mid-Year Update. They also had a live special fundraiser: Bear Witness, Take Action. Now Creators with 25K+ subscribers can sign up for YouTube Brand Connect to connect with brands.

This week on The Chill Business Journey, we talked about Building Good Habits while Breaking Bad Habits. We've also started an Allyship Segment of the Week at the end of each episode. This week we shared the writings on author Sheri Hunter. From her Dare Divas group to her book, Daring to Live, she is truly an inspirational woman.

6.12.20 Week In Review

Facebook lifts posting ban on non-medical face masks. Blood Donation tool expands to more countries. Facebook joins Project Protection to combat child sexual abuse.

Snapchat had their Snap Partner Summit which involved many new releases & features.

  • New Action Bar for navigation
  • Places added to Snap Maps
  • Topics added to Snapchat's Our Story
  • Release of SnapML
  • AR with friends with Local Lenses
  • Use Lenses to scan items to:
    • Identify Plants
    • Identify Dog Breeds (even see which breed you most resemble!)
    • Explore Louis Vuitton (coming soon)
    • Food rating on packaged food (coming later this year)
  • Happening Now for latest news
  • Snap Originals:
    • Unscripted: Coach Kev, Fake Up and Move It
    • Docuseries: Road Trippin', First Person, Queen of Stylez and Life By The Horns
    • Scripted: Frogtown, Action Royale and Total Badass Wrestling
    • 4 Renewed Shows: Dead of Night, Face Forward, Nikita Unfiltered and Vs The World
  • Headspace coming inside Snapchat
  • Alerts for friends at risk of self-harm
  • Camera Kit
  • Snap Minis
  • Dynamic Lenses

This week on The Chill Business Journey, we migrate from the Morning Routines of last week to the types of routines you can bring into your workday.

6.4.20 Week In Review

Facebook introduces labels on state run media outlets. New interactive data tools regarding COVID-19 are released. Manage Activity is rolling out on mobile and desktop in the future. 

Pinterest shares their work supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. They also released a shopping tab with Lens search results. 

LinkedIn releases updates in Campaign Manager with retargeting tools and their Audience Network.

SnapChat CEO releases statement regarding social injustices with the Black Community.

This week on The Chill Business Journey we discuss Creating a Morning Routine.

5.29.20 Week In Review

Facebook is requiring ID verification for some profiles. Novi is their new digital wallet for their blockchain currency, Libra. 

Instagram is rolling out badges on Instagram LIVE where fans can show their love. And ads are coming to IGTV

Twitter joins #KeepItOn campaign to stop Internet shutdowns. 

LinkedIn shares 3 tools to stay connected to your community.

Breaking News - The White House is preparing to release an executive order that is directed to social media companies. We will be sure to update next week on this topic.

This week's episode of The Chill Business Journey has not yet been released. We'll update this segment when it's ready.

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5.22.20 Week In Review

The New Facebook format is rolling out. See Facebook’s celebration for the Class of 2020. Giphy joins the Facebook Family. Read the first State of Small Business Report by Facebook. Facebook Shops are now live on the platform (as well as on Instagram). Workplace gets some new features to help with WFH. Oculus for Business is now available. Use the Business Resource Hub on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with both platforms. Messenger upgrades coming soon. New features for in-stream ads. 15 new courses in Facebook Blueprint. Now create posts with the Creator Studio app. New guidelines on music in videos (uploaded or live). 

Support Small Business stickers available in Instagram Stories. Guides are now available for business accounts. 

Twitter adds controls to who can respond to tweets, as well as updates to their approach to misleading information

Pinterest releases shopping spotlights

LinkedIn releases new features for LinkedIn Pages

Now is the time to start transferring your Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Check out Episode 66 on The Chill Business Journey where I talk about giving ourselves some grace during these trying times. 

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5.8.20 Week In Review

Facebook adds features to the Community Help area. 

Instagram shares some tips on using IGTV to engage with your audience.

Pinterest releases new features for Boards. They also share how businesses need to make sure their marketing voice matches where their audience is, and they created a Guide to help. Check out their 3 Quick Tips for running campaigns on their platform. Pinterest partners with Shopify. They also supply some advice for businesses in the travel industry

Snapchat partners with renowned artist, Damien Hirst, to create art on the platform.

Check out the third installment of our Anything But Typcial Chat Series where I have a conversation with our very own Briana.

The cart for The Chill Business Society will be open until May 31st. 

5.1.20 Week In Review

Facebook will be celebrating the Class of 2020 on May 15th. Messenger Rooms are now here (think of them as a Zoom alternative). Group calls on WhatsApp can now have up to 8 people at one time on the call. Live With is coming back to live videos as well as donate buttons and streaming into an Event. Tap into live gaming with the Facebook Gaming App. Stars are expanding to more pages and countries. Portal can go live in more places and Facebook Dating now offers virtual dates. 

Instagram is now more interactive on desktop. Live videos can now be stored on IGTV for a longer shelf life. Check out their tips on using Stories. Make sure to take advantage of Instagram Shopping if this feature pertains to your business. Live Donations are available on Instagram too. 

Pinterest provides some resources for small businesses. Searches for the future (like travel and events) are picking up, so make sure you keep up.

LinkedIn releases job interview Video Intros and AI-powered feedback. They are also offering Sales Navigator FREE for 60 days to non-profits. 

YouTube has new originals coming out the next few months. They are expanding fact check information panels to the US. They also share resources for celebrating Ramadan during these social distancing days.

This week's Anything But Typcial chat on The Chill Business Journey is with the lovely Liz Jostes. Listen to what things are different for us and how we are coping.

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4.24.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases an interactive COVID-19 symptoms map as well as signing onto the Open COVID Patent Pledge. They increase transparency with location tags on Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. Messenger Kids gets some new features. 

Instagram shares tips on how to utilize the platform to benefit your business during these abnormal times. They also started #MonthOfGood in celebration of Ramadan and to bring the world together. Get ideas HERE.

Twitter stands with the Earth Day Network for #EarthDay 50. 

Pinterest expands tools and features for creators on their platform like the Pinterest Creators brand.

LinkedIn shares some insights into advertising in today's market.

This week on The Chill Business Journey we started our series on Anything But Typical chats. We were grateful to have Daphné Leblanc as our first guest.

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4.17.20 Week In Review

Facebook continues providing tools and support concerning the Coronavirus on their platform. Get inspiration for an online presence for your business. 

Instagram releases new stickers for gift cards, online food ordering and fundraising.

Pinterest Shop releases a sustainable product collection from small businesses. They also shared their Pinterest Partners list.

LinkedIn's roundup of 4 resources for navigating business during COVID-19.

This week on The Chill Business Journey we talk about Powering your business with Rocket Fuel.

The cart for The Chill Business Society will be open until May 31st. And we have a special bonus if you sign up in April where you get access to our Irresistible Social Profiles course. 

4.10.20 Week In Review

Facebook announces new features in their Data for Good program. Get the latest COVID-19 Facebook updates HERE. They also share how to take your in-person business online using Facebook & Instagram with some easy to follow tips. 

Instagram shares step by step instructions and tips on going Live on the platform.

Twitter releases their 6-part resource for the coronavirus pandemic.

Pinterest announces new shopping features for home decor pins. They also share 5 Tips on how you should look at your messaging right now. 

LinkedIn has a Coronavirus resource section. Check out their recommended reading list for marketers

YouTube shares ways people can stay connected during upcoming religious holidays.

Snapchat releases new COVID-19 lenses supporting donation efforts, as well as allowing media publishers being able to accept donations.

This week on The Chill Business Journey, I continue my conversation about the OAK Journal with my accountability partner, Skip. And if you use the discount code "CHILL" at checkout, you will get 20% off your own journal!!

The cart for The Chill Business Society will be open until May 31st. And we have a special bonus if you sign up in April where you get access to our Irresistible Social Profiles course. 

4.2.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases a desktop Messenger app for Mac OS and Windows. They launched Community Help where users can seek or give support to those in their community. New testing tools in Ads Manager this week too. Video Creators see new features like a Videos Tab, Playlists and Series

In missed IG news last week, Instagram has new stickers like "stay at home" and "wash your hands". You can also view IG posts with your friends over group chats. 

Pinterest shares the trends on what their users need right now

This week on The Chill Business Journal, we share our experiences with the OAK Journal. And if you use the discount code "CHILL" at checkout, you will get 20% off!!

3.27.20 Week In Review

Facebook updates their Coronavirus efforts. They also share some usage spike stats they are experiencing. 

Twitter donates $1M to support and protect journalists during COVID-19. 

Pinterest offers several updates that will enhance online merchants' account capabilities on their platform. They also roll out the Today tab. 

LinkedIn shares a list of in-demand jobs and those companies that are hiring right now in the US. They also share some best practices to help your business during these trying times. 

YouTube launches Learn@Home to help everyone learn while staying home.

SnapChat releases a new worldwide Filter based on WHO recommendations. They also pushed up release date for Here For You feature.

On The Chill Business Journey we share some online resources for adults during the COVID-19 Staycation.

3.20.20 Week In Review

Facebook shares what they are doing to keep real news circulating about COVID-19. They also have reduced staff working on ads, so there could be delays in that department.

Twitter shares what they are doing on their part with COVID-19

LinkedIn has resources during the COVID-19 crisis. Conversation Ads will be releasing globally in the coming weeks. 

Grab your FREE Isolation Sanity Guide on the latest episode of The Chill Business Journey.

3.13.20 Week In Review

Twitter offers views on brand communication during COVID-19 crisis. They also celebrate Women's History Month with 5 powerful women. Lastly, they released their March 2020 Inclusion and & Diversity report.

YouTube celebrated 9 Female Powerhouses in honor of International Women's Day.

We have two episodes of The Chill Business Journey to share (since I missed the posting deadline last week for one of them). In episode 56, we remind you to get your 2nd QTR planning done with your Editorial Calendars. In episode 57, we share 8 Tips to Vacationing for Business Owners.

3.6.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases a new version of Messenger on iOS. Id requirements for election and political ads expanding to 32 more countries. 

WhatsApp gets dark mode! 

Twitter expands the categories of hate speech covered by dehumanizing language. They also partnered with the World Health Organization to make sure correct information is shared about Covid-19, the Corona Virus. 

Be on the lookout for this week's episode on The Chill Business Journey. In the meantime, check out our live video from Thursday where Dianna shares a funny story from an after party at the Social Media Marketing World 2020!

2.28.20 Week In Review

Pinterest releases their Lite App globally for android devices. 

Instagram allows slides in live videos.

On The Chill Business Journey, we talk about Volunteering at Conferences

2.21.20 Week In Review

Mark Zuckerberg releases an op-ed asking for more tech regulations. Facebook launches Creator Studio App for mobile. Music on Facebook and Instagram is available in Canada. 

Pinterest honors women ahead of International Women's Day. They also released their 2019 Transparency Report

The 5th annual Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn is now available. 

YouTube turns 15! 😳

This week on The Chill Business Journey, we Get Our Search On!

2.14.20 Week In Review

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have recaps of what they do to protect users on Safer Internet Day.

WhatsApp reaches the 2+Billion mark.

Twitter partners with the US Census Bureau to support Census conversations.

LinkedIn has new features in their ads platform

YouTube shares the top 5 most viewed Big Game ads on YouTube AdBlitz.

SnapChat shares some new features to help steer users when they search certain topics, as well as some new filters and a first-ever Snappable quiz.

In honor of Black History Month, we explore 4 incredible entrepreneurs on the latest episode of The Chill Business Journey.

2.7.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases some new tools in the Messenger Kids app. 

Twitter announces new rules for identifying manipulated content

YouTube reminds users how they regulate content as the US political scene heats up for our 2020 Elections.

The Chill Business Journey turns 1! Learn how you can win 1 year of our Chill Business Society by entering our 1 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes!

1.31.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases a statement by Zuckerberg about privacy on the platform. Messenger gets some Super Bowl filters and stickers. 

Twitter is doing their part to provide credible information regarding the coronavirus. Topics get explained.

Pinterest launches Try On powered by Lens. They also released a civic participation policy within their community guidelines. 

LinkedIn is bringing Elevate into LinkedIn Pages in a more permanent transition. LinkedIn has a 2020 Vision Survey.

Are you Mompreneuring Like a Boss? Whether your are or are not, check out this week's episode on The Chill Business Journey.

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1.24.20 Week In Review

Facebook releases a safety guide for athletes to protect their accounts. 

#KpopTwitter has astounding 6.1 BILLION tweets in 2019! 

Learn about our journey creating a membership site on The Chill Business Journey.

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1.17.20 Week In Review

Facebook users have raised over $50M for Australia

Pinterest expands emotional well-being activities to 9 more countries. They also recap their experience of CES 2020

LinkedIn (through parent company, Microsoft) has pledged to be carbon negative by 2030. Company Pages get new features that support organization's messaging. 

New year...new word. Learn more about My Word for 2020.

Next Friday the cart will be opening for The Chill Business Society (but you can get on the waitlist today)!

1.10.20 Week In Review

Facebook's Privacy Checkup tool gets some new features. New controls are available for individuals as they regard to political and social issue ads. Instant Articles get some new features as well. Finally, they have a new metric in Creator Studio for videos called Traffic Source Insights.

Twitter announces Promoted Trend Spotlight ads. 

YouTube releases "Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert" on March 31. They also released updated information regarding content made for kids.

Have you gotten our FREE 2020 Editorial Calendar yet? If not, head on over the latest episode on The Chill Business Journey to get yours today!

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1.3.20 Week In Review

Instagram updates features for Business Accounts.

The cart is open for our newest online course: Irresistible Social Profiles.