9.20.19 Week In Review

Facebook starts pre-orders for Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV. As well as expanding to other countries. Facebook Ads see some updated features too. And finally, there are quite a few new feature releases for video creators

Pinterest rolls out new features for Group Boards to make collaborating with others easier! They also make it a lot easier to find and buy products on their platform using the Pinterest Lens. Pinners are more supportive of CPG launches

LinkedIn launches skills assessments for users. 

YouTube makes changes to their YouTube Music Charts and how they count the first 24hr views of video launches. 

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9.13.19 Week In Review

Facebook updates location settings feature. They also released some new features for public figures.

Instagram allows ads from shoppable posts.

Pinterest shares Halloween searches.

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9.6.19 Week In Review

Facebook releases new Facial Recognition controls. They also release a white paper on data portability. Dating is now official on Facebook! Check out their privacy features of this new tool.

Pinterest shares the Trends of September 2019.

LinkedIn releases a new course: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.

YouTube releases YouTube/Fashion.

Learn about 3 changes to the Facebook Ads platform on the latest episode of The Chill Business Journey.

8.30.19 Week In Review

Facebook offers lead generation in Messenger.

Pinterest shares the second time of the year that users are looking for fresh starts. They also mention efforts to stifle misinformation on health matters (like vaccines).

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8.23.19 Week In Review

Facebook launches new “Off-Facebook Activity” tool.

Twitter removes advertising privileges to accounts controlled or owned by state media.

LinkedIn has new user insight tools. They also have a resource for fitting LinkedIn Live into your content strategy.

YouTube partners with Waze.

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8.16.19 Week In Review

Facebook makes changes to privacy settings for groups as well as how they keep groups safe. Facebook releases two new ad types for film studios. Get Facebook’s Holiday Marketing Guide for 2019.

LinkedIn partners with Elevate for their Sales Navigator. LinkedIn also releases API to share enhanced insights with 3rd parties.

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8.9.19 Week In Review

Pinterest has released their August Insights
On YouTube, Queen has launched the "You are the Champion" campaign.
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8.2.19 Week In Review

Facebook announces changes to Business Manager and Ads Manager. As well as changes to post & ads in the feed. 
Pinterest announces new ways brands can showcase their products.
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7.26.19 Week In Review

Pinterest is releasing emotional well-being activities. They also showcase many Back To School ideas. There are also new mobile ad tools for working on the go!
LinkedIn is moving to the public cloud.
YouTube also released a statement about the GIFCT Transparency Report. Bohemian Rhapsody passes the 1 Billion View mark.
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7.19.19 Week In Review

Instagram makes changes to Account Disable Policy
Twitter revamps their desktop platform from the ground up. They also announced the #GoldenTweet award winners for the #FIFAWWC.
YouTube has added Super Chats, Super Stickers, membership levels, and branded merch partnerships for their creators. They are rolling out Learning Playlists for those that come to YT to learn. And they are bringing YouTube Giving out of beta mode to more creators. Finally, they announced YouTube Music can also play music videos for the songs that have them.
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7.12.19 Week In Review

Facebook has updates on their "Why am I seeing this ad?" feature. They also have added features for Creators to monetize their accounts.
Instagram released 2 new features to fight bullying.
Twitter is allowing users to hide replies to their own tweets. Check out the phenomenal virility of #PanteneOppa. They are also cracking down on hateful conduct.
Pinterest releases new video features.
LinkedIn has added new 3 new objectives to their Campaign Manager.
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7.5.19 Week In Review

Facebook has updates on their Civil Rights actions and ranking changes in the News Feed for health-related posts. 
Twitter is making scarves for refugees in partnership with UNHCR.
The latest episode of The Chill Business Journey is all about Money: #22 | Let's Get Uncomfortable and Talk About Money.

6.28.19 Week In Review

Facebook rolls out transparency tools globally for ads about social issues, elections and politics. They also shared progress on their Oversight Board for Content Decisions. They also updated their terms of use
Ads come to the Explore feed on Instagram.
Twitter is gating potentially abusive tweets with a warning message
LinkedIn has added business page features
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6.21.19 Week In Review

Facebook made changes on how they rank public comments. They also created a new subsidiary Calibra.

Twitter was a flitter over #E3.
Pinterest is opening up their API for more shopping features.
YouTube partnered with Universal Music Group to update nearly 1,000 music videos.
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6.14.19 Week In Review

Facebook launches the Study App. Get notified when local blood banks need donations. Facebook Watch isn't dead. Check out the latest listings. Social issues, elections and political ads get some new regulations, as well as rolling out to Canada. 
Instagram is celebrating Pride Month.
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6.7.19 Week In Review

Facebook has released new features within Video Creation Kit. Facebook's recap of May news
Instagram is allowing Branded Content Ads.
Twitter is ramping up for the #GoldenTweet Awards for during the FIFA Women's World Cup. Their rules have slimmed down a bunch too. Twitter's Inclusion & Diversity report will now be published quarterly instead of annually.
Pinterest shares Summer Trends. They release Pinterest Windows app in the Microsoft Store. 
YouTube announces new features to protect minors. YouTube partners with AXS. They are also doing more to tackle hate on the platform. 
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5.31.19 Week In Review

Twitter announced functionality to bring on guests to live videos

LinkedIn announces acquisition of Drawbridge, Inc. to enhance their marketing services for users. 

This week's Business Tip: Getting Started with Facebook Live.


5.24.19 Week In Review

Facebook shares advanced mapping technology to help respond to health emergencies across the globe. Facebook releases 3rd Community Standards Report

Instagram now allows landscape videos on IGTV.

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5.17.19 Week In Review

Facebook announces new Live Video policies and joins other content sharing services providers to address the abuse of technology to spread terrorist & violent extremist content. There are also some slight changes to the News Feed. Users can turn off pixel tracking, not good for retargeting ads based on website visits.

Instagram gets an update to the Explore feature.

Twitter directs vaccine inquiries to the US Dept of Health & Human Services for current information. Twitter's release of their announcement to signing on to the Christchurch Call. 

LinkedIn has several changes for both job seekers and hiring managers.

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5.10.19 Week In Review

Facebook is making changes to how videos are ranked. Here is more information on the ranking criteria. Small business week brings 3 new platform features. Stories get new birthday features & Facebook celebrates across the country. They've updated their policy on cryptocurrency ads. As well as released some more training videos in Blueprint.

Instagram started a new account @shop

Twitter releases their bi-annual Transparency Report. They also share their Ramadan hashtags and emojis.

Pinterest celebrates Small Business Week.

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5.3.19 Week In Review

Facebook had their F8 Developer Conference this week: Day 1 | Day 2. Their research on Social Media's impact on Democracy is making progress as well. Video ads now have the ThruPlay Optimization as default setting.

Instagram adds donate stickers to Stories, a new "Create" camera in stories, and the ability to buy from creators within the app. They also share their interview with Vogue at SXSW '19 on how they use Stories to increase sales.

YouTube shares updates to their broadcasting features for both consumers and advertisers. 

This week's business tip: Influencer Marketing. Be sure to listen to our latest episode #13 | Getting Started with Influencer Marketing on The Chill Business Journey.


4.26.19 Week In Review

Twitter is going GREEN! They are also spreading the word about #TakeBackDay. And they continue to up their game on keeping elections fair.

YouTube celebrates Earth Day with 6 creators in sustainable fashion, sustainable lifestyle and clean beauty.

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4.19.19 Week In Review

Facebook shares the latest from Facebook IQ for Stories Ads. They also revealed a new ad bidding strategy: Cost Cap. Ads Manager and Business Manager are getting a facelift. Jobs on Facebook partners with SAP SuccessFactors

Twitter shares updates on making their platform a safer place to engage. 

Pinterest is giving back with complimentary admission to specific venues all over the world. They also began trading publicly on the NYSE at $19/share

YouTube Music is free on Google Home speakers. Watch Weekend 2 at Coachella on YouTube live this weekend!

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4.12.19 Week In Review

Facebook announces increased placement filters for ads. Updates have been made to memorialized accounts. They also shared updates to the content in the News Feed. And here is another article talking about those changes. Facebook also shared some new measures on Fake News. Musicians get some ad help so they can up their game. 

Pinterest adds conversions as an option for a campaign objective.

YouTube updates YouTube TV.

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4.5.19 Week In Review

Facebook makes big updates with the Ad Library. Zuckerberg releases Four Ideas to Regulate the Internet. Facebook also released new “Why am I seeing this post?” feature.

We also share our latest episode on the The Chill Business Journey where we talk about Editorial Calendars. You can check out those show notes to learn more: www.chilldigitalmarketing.com/9  


3.29.19 Week In Review

Facebook includes white nationalism and white separatism in their Dangerous Organizations & Individuals Policy.

Instagram announces interactive Stories Ads using the polling sticker.

Twitter and MLB are partnering for some interactive events this season.

Pinterest files with SEC for IPO.

YouTube opens their pop-up YouTube House in New York City.

We also share our latest episode on the The Chill Business Journey where we talk about Andrea Vahl’s new book: Facebook Ads Made Simple. You can check out those show notes to learn more: www.chilldigitalmarketing.com/8 

3.22.19 Week In Review

Facebook announces new detection technology for non-consensual intimate images. They also shared what they could about the incident where the New Zealand terrorist attack was live streamed on their platform with a later update released as well. Targeting options for housing, employment and credit ads on Facebook will have fewer targeting options to allow for equallity in who is served the ads. Occulus Rift S will launch this spring for $399. While no passwords appear to be compromised, Facebook is still contacting any accounts that had their passwords stored incorrectly on their servers. Finally, they share an article on turning shoppers into buyers with Messenger.

Instagram announces release of Checkout feature. 

Twitter is participating in the first #EUMediaLiteracyWeek.

Pinterest has hired Jeremy King to lead their division responsible for their visual discovery engine.

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3.15.19 Week In Review

Facebook made some announcements at SXSW about videos and music. They are getting rid of the Relevance Score for ads, but offering 3 replacement metrics. Host your own Female Founders dinner!

Twitter is increasing their diversity in the company for women, blacs and latinx.

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3.8.19 Week In Review

Mark Zuckerberg released his Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking. Facebook is also nipping misinformation on vaccines as soon as they can.

Pinterest is shining the light on Women’s History Month with trending searches by women. They also released their March 2019 trends and the big stars are alcohol-free lifestyles and sleep! Pinterest ramps up shopping features all over the platform with new and improved features. They also released their second half of 2018 Transparency Report.

LinkedIn shares how the different genders fare in their candidate journeys.

This week’s Business Tip is all about the Digital Marketing Growth Hacks book. Check it out on our website: www.chilldigitalmarketing.com/5

3.1.19 Week In Review

Facebook announces new video ad program: Facebook Showcase. Facebook makes it easier to find out which Blueprint Course is right for you. If you are a journalist, check out their new Safety for Journalists course.

LinkedIn has paused the “Mentioned In the News” feature for EU users.

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2.22.19 Week In Review

Facebook makes changes to location services on Android, as well as sharing tips on keeping your accounts safe.

YouTube has updated their penalties for violating their Community Guidelines.

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2.15.19 Week In Review

Instagram is celebrating Black History Month.

Pinterest is all about Tattoos!

LinkedIn has merged their recruiter and job seeking tools to one Intelligent Hiring tool.

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2.8.19 Week In Review

At the Facebook Community Summit, they announced several new features for both Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram announces changes in their policy on self-harm and suicide posts. They also shared a great refresher on keeping your profile safe.

Twitter also participated in #SaferInternetDay by sharing some of the changes they've made the past 2 years. 

Pinterest has shown huge increases in searches on all things Sustainability. They also released their What's Hap-pin-in': Feb 2019 results. 

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2.1.19 Week In Review

Facebook shares their tools for privacy settings to align with Data Privacy Day which was this past Monday. They release more election protections as well as the development of an Oversight Board for Content Decisions

Twitter releases their findings of the review they did of the 2018 Elections. They also discussed added accounts to their Archive Files.

LinkedIn released their 2019 Global Talent Trends Report

YouTube continues work on Recommendations

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1.25.19 Week In Review

Facebook releases new Page Quality tab for Business Pages.

Pinterest releases Skin Tone Range selector for makeup and hair searches.

YouTube has beefed up their YouTube TV. Definitely worth checking out all the features!

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1.18.19 Week In Review

Facebook released its new podcast Three And a Half Degrees. They also continue their work on Political Ad Transparency as well as removing more Coordinated Inauthentic behavior from Russia.

Pinterest releases their 2018 Hiring Report on their goals and actual results in creating a more diverse business.

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1.11.19 Week In Review

Happy New Year!

Pinterest shares their January 2019 What's Hap-Pin-in'.

Don't get overwhelmed with all the shiny new objects out there right now. Focus on what you really need for your business in 2019.