2.22.19 Week In Review

Facebook makes changes to location services on Android, as well as sharing tips on keeping your accounts safe.

YouTube has updated their penalties for violating their Community Guidelines.

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2.15.19 Week In Review

Instagram is celebrating Black History Month.

Pinterest is all about Tattoos!

LinkedIn has merged their recruiter and job seeking tools to one Intelligent Hiring tool.

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2.8.19 Week In Review

At the Facebook Community Summit, they announced several new features for both Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram announces changes in their policy on self-harm and suicide posts. They also shared a great refresher on keeping your profile safe.

Twitter also participated in #SaferInternetDay by sharing some of the changes they've made the past 2 years. 

Pinterest has shown huge increases in searches on all things Sustainability. They also released their What's Hap-pin-in': Feb 2019 results. 

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2.1.19 Week In Review

Facebook shares their tools for privacy settings to align with Data Privacy Day which was this past Monday. They release more election protections as well as the development of an Oversight Board for Content Decisions

Twitter releases their findings of the review they did of the 2018 Elections. They also discussed added accounts to their Archive Files.

LinkedIn released their 2019 Global Talent Trends Report

YouTube continues work on Recommendations

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1.25.19 Week In Review

Facebook releases new Page Quality tab for Business Pages.

Pinterest releases Skin Tone Range selector for makeup and hair searches.

YouTube has beefed up their YouTube TV. Definitely worth checking out all the features!

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1.18.19 Week In Review

Facebook released its new podcast Three And a Half Degrees. They also continue their work on Political Ad Transparency as well as removing more Coordinated Inauthentic behavior from Russia.

Pinterest releases their 2018 Hiring Report on their goals and actual results in creating a more diverse business.

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1.11.19 Week In Review

Happy New Year!

Pinterest shares their January 2019 What's Hap-Pin-in'.

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