1.20.21 Week In Review

On The Chill Business Journey this week, we released Episode 79 | Networking with Existing Contacts.

Facebook shares concepts of how their algorithm works. They have also turned over Trump’s accounts to their independent Oversight Board. Facebook News comes to the UK. They are also directing users to credible Holocaust resources when searching for it.

Instagram is releasing a Professional Dashboard for business and creator accounts.

Twitter acquired the editorial newsletter platform, Revue. They have also introduced the community based tool, Birdwatch. Be sure you comply with changes if you are a verified account on the platform.

Pinterest expands their Try on tool to eyeshadow as well as expanding product tagging features. They also now have Story Pins.

YouTube has an International Holocuast Remembrance Commemoration today. And CEO Susan Wojcicki shares their priorities for 2021.

New kid, Clubhouse, is raising funding to be able to pay creators on their platform.

In this week’s Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the blog post 20 Female Black Influencers to Follow in 2021, by fashion and lifestyle blogger, Tomi.

1.20.21 Week In Review

On The Chill Business Journey this week, we share 5 Tips for Video Calls. No matter how great we think we are on video, there are always times when we need reminders on how to conduct ourselves 😉.

Facebook releases their next level of AAT which identifies objects in images. They also released a new Business Equality resource center.

Twitter has created the first @SecondGentleman account for the husband of our first female Vice President in the US, Kamala Harris.

LinkedIn shares 5 New B2B Customer Engagement Strategies.

YouTube launches a new health partnership team with Dr. Garth Graham leading it.

In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the book The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias by Pamela Fuller, Mark Murphy and Anne Chow.

1.13.21 Week In Review

On The Chill Business Journey this week, we share 4 Online Networking Spaces that you can keep up with your networking in 2021.

Facebook updated the Access Your Information Tool. Roy Austin joins Facebook as VP of their new Civil Rights Organization. They have also stepped up their monitoring of posts that violate their TOS ahead of the US Inauguration Day. Check out their 7 Tips for better interactions on Messenger

Twitter shared over 2 Billion tweets were made in 2020 about gaming. They also permanently suspended @realDonaldTrump. Twitter released a statement of the work they are doing following the riots in DC.

Pinterest shares how people shop differently for tech today.

LinkedIn shares video marketing trends in 2021. They also released the Jobs on the Rise report to help those looking for jobs right now.

YouTube announces #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021 shining the spotlight on 132 Black creators and artists around the world. 

In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share the 36 US recipients of YouTube's Black Voices Class of 2021.

1.6.21 Week In Review

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Prepare your business for changes with Facebook Ads as they regard to Apple's iOS 14 this month. Be prepared for drops in revenue based on the inability to target ads effectively. Facebook also released updates to the Pages Experience

Pinterest has released their predictions for trends in 2021. See if there are any you need to be tracking for your business.

YouTube released a short video where they asked successful creators on their platform to share advice on running your channel in 2021.

In this week's Allyship Segment of the Week, I share a documentary list compiled by Dazed Digital. Get these shows on your watchlist to watch soon.