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Quickly optimize your social profiles so you stand out in the social crowd.

(Without confusion and overwhelm on knowing all the parts that need your attention).

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to increase your social presence while not wasting time, then you already know you should have an optimized profile.

We get it. With all the different social platforms out there, and each one having different features, it can feel very overwhelming trying to keep up with it all.

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Here’s what you might not know

While it may be a subtle force, having an optimized profile can:

Make you appear more professional

As the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. You want to make sure your social profiles are as optimized as they can be the first time a potential client visits.

Impress your clients

If someone is seeking your products/services, they want to know they are dealing with a professional. Dotting your i's and crossing your t’s with your social profiles is a great way to show your attention to detail.

Make you feel more relaxed

Let’s face it, when you know you have done all that you should with your social profiles, then you can CHILL with the best of them.

Even though the reasons for creating irresistible social profiles are a no-brainer, often times this work gets put on the back burner.
Either when you started your business or social media became a part of your marketing strategy, you were gung-ho on getting your business established in the social world. Between client meetings, networking events, business development planning and actually producing billable hours, optimizing your social profiles seems low on the attention scale. Then you thought you may just hire someone to take care of it for you. Wasn’t your niece on social media all day? So, you thought you may just hire her to deal with it. She ended up not being reliable (and how much does she really know about marketing?) and you found you didn’t have the budget to hire the big fancy marketing agency in town. All is not lost my friend! What if you could get your social profiles optimized quickly and without breaking the bank?

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Optimized Profiles


You Don’t Have The Time

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners have many areas of their businesses that require their attention. Often times this causes some areas to become neglected over time. Social media is a constantly evolving universe. Therefore, you must stay on top of the changes they are constantly incorporating. Think of the time you would SAVE if you had a one-stop resource for knowing how to keep your social profiles optimized.


There is too much to do (on each profile)

Every platform has their own special areas and sections. It would certainly be nice if they all looked the same, but they don’t (which is why they exist in the first place). But you don’t have to know all the nuances for each platform. There are resources you can tap into that do all the research for you! You just need this resource at your beck and call.


It feels like a waste of money

Why should you pay someone to tell you what you can do yourself? That’s a valid question. Do you know all the areas within your profile on each social platform that you need to optimize? You don’t know what you don’t know. And some things are worth paying for when they have the potential to give you constant returns on that investment.

Here’s the Deal

  • We live and breathe small business.
  • We know that time and money are coveted resources.
  • We also live and breathe marketing.
  • Therefore, we also know how to share with you in easy to understand terms how you should be marketing your business.

And one of the first steps to all that is having optimized social profiles.


Irresistible Social Profiles

The foundation to Rocking your Social Presence

Irresistible Social Profiles lays the foundation for your social accounts that will serve you time and time again.

We charge $400 to do a social audit for our clients. In this course, we have taken the exact tools that we’ve been using with our clients for almost 6 years to optimize their profiles and garner increased traffic to their social accounts and websites and shared them with you.

Irresistible Social Profiles is the first program of its kind that…

Saves you time

We stay on top of the latest social platform profile changes, so you don’t have to. It’s your one stop shop to rocking your social presence.

Keeps you focused

Because each social platform has its own nuances, you don’t run the risk of falling down the distraction rabbit hole. We tell you what you need to focus on so you can pop in, then pop out without losing 8 hours of your life.

Saves you money

You don’t run the risk of throwing good money out the window. Our affordable course will keep a majority of your Benjamins in your bank account where it belongs.

The Course

We have set up this course so that modules are released each Monday and Wednesday of the 3 weeks for this course. Thursdays will have a special Questions Post in the exclusive Facebook Group. Then we will have a Live Q&A video session on Fridays answering the collected questions. You will gain access to 4 platforms each week. This way your chances of getting the information for the platform(s) you use is increased. The checklists in each module are offered in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF formats. We DO NOT recommend you have an account on every platform. You should only have accounts on those platforms where your ideal clients reside.

Module 1:

Facebook & Instagram

In this module we will look at your Facebook & Instagram accounts. Within this module we will have checklists for both Facebook & Instagram for you to go through optimizing your profiles.

Module 2:

Twitter & Pinterest

In this module we switch our focus to Twitter & Pinterest. The Excel sheets and Google Sheets build on the previously released one, therefore you will have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest available in a single workbook.

Module 3:

YouTube & Google My Business

These two platforms are very powerful for being found in Google search. Even if you have no other social accounts yet, it’s imperative that you get a Google My Business account set up.

Module 4:

LinkedIn & Yelp

For LinkedIn, the beginning part of your checklist focuses on your personal profile. The second portion pivots to Company Pages. You may not think you need a Yelp account; however, people can leave a review for your business even if you haven’t formally set up an account. Therefore, you should at least check to see if an entity exists on this platform for your business. And yes, Yelp is for more than restaurants and things to do.

Module 5:

Bonus: Website & Other

In this module we share a checklist you can use for your website to make sure some key areas are addressed. While this is not a complete website checklist, it does address areas that you should be considering. For the Other checklist, we’ve created a generic checklist that you can use for any other social platform we did not cover in this course.

Module 6:

Wrapping It Up

Bring on the confetti! While this module wraps things up, we have an extra something for folks that are in a position that they need to create a report for someone else. We’ve included a sample report that you can use as an outline for yourself.


Creating Your Client Persona

Getting your social profiles rocking is one piece of the foundational work you need to do for your business. Another big piece is knowing who you should be targeting on social. That is why knowing who your Client Persona is vital for all businesses.

Our Promise to You


We are so confident in our material, that we offer a no-questions-asked 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. And the 7 days don’t start until the release of the first Module. That means you will get both Modules 1 & 2 before you need to decide if this program is the right fit for you.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

  • Irresistible Social Profiles - $400 Value

  • Bonus 1: Website Checklist - $50 Value

  • Bonus 2: Creating Your Client Persona - $100 Value

  • Bonus 3: Lifetime Access - Priceless

Total Value: $550


When you enroll today, you get everything for just:

What Our Clients Say


"Our team was struggling with how to successfully manage 9 social media accounts for three interrelated business ventures. We consulted with Chill Digital Marketing to help us put a strategy in place. It was amazing how quickly Dianna was able to connect all the dots. We now have the tools to move forward with our social media marketing in a creative and organized way. It makes complete sense now. Thank you so much, Dianna!."



"Dianna has been an exceptional help at getting me on track with blogging and Alexa briefings. Her classroom setting and hands-on, do it right there approach is exactly what a busy business person needs in this fast paced digital age."



"Dianna Rands is an excellent workshop presenter. She is well-organized, well-paced, very good use of visuals and handouts, and includes a good balance of technical information and hands-on doing during the workshop. She also does easy-to-follow live demonstrations so that you can see first-hand where to go online in real time. I recommend her classes and her one-to-one services to anyone wanted to know more about Social Media marketing topics."


Web Designer

"I really enjoy the three workshops that I have done with Dianna at Chill Digital Marketing. I’ve been very impressed with the content and knowledge that is given in these workshops. I don’t consider myself a novice at social media marketing but I have struggled to put it all together in a way that translates into greater success for my business. Dianna has helped me understand the layers of social media and a bigger picture towards using social media media to market and promote my business. I always say if there is even one nugget of knowledge that I gain from a workshop, it makes the whole workshop worth while. With that said I have gained many nuggets of social media marketing knowledge with each workshop that I have taken. I truly hope that Chill Marketing keeps creating these amazing workshops because they have really helped myself and my business grow."




When you enroll today, you get everything for just: