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Dianna Rands

It's hard to pinpoint when Dianna knew she wanted to work in digital marketing. Back in 1983 she was writing computer programs on adio cassette tapes as an experiment her elementary school was doing. Fastforward to 1998 and she was mastering this brave new world of The Internet. From designing her own websites using HTML code to taking college elective courses in C++ (while being a Leeds School of Business student at CU-Boulder), Dianna has always been tied into the tech world in some fashion. In 2002, Dianna joined one of the first social sites, Friendster. Having moved from Georgia to Colorado in 1995, this was a great way for her to stay connected to her friends back home. Then she jumped on board with MySpace around 2003, continuing her search for ways to stay connected to folks in GA. Then in 2008 (after getting married and having kids), she jumped onto the Facebook wagon. With this new platform, she saw herself spending less and less time updating her personal website with all her adventures. In 2011, Dianna started her first business (which was a brick & mortar biz), and found herself diving into the business side of social media. And this is where she really started to thrive. So in 2014, she decided to close her B&M biz, and focus on offering her services to other local small businesses in digital marketing. She really loves helping her clients grow their online presences and grow their businesses. Dianna also spends a lot of time helping local non-profits in many different capacities. Giving back to her community is what keeps the fire lit within her. Rarely can you find her not doing something.

Did you know?

“Chill” of Chill Digital Marketing is a combination of Dianna’s two sons, Charlie and Will. So if you ever see her smiling while saying her business’ name, it’s probably because she’s thinking of her two boys.

Chill Digital Marketing