87 | Organizing Your Visuals

Organizing your visuals for digital marketing.

This month’s Visuals on Social

Before we jump into this episode’s content on Organizing Your Visuals, let’s recap what we’ve been talking about this month so far. In Episode 84 | Planning for Images & Videos on Social, we talked about just that. As well as offering 2 checklists for images & videos. In Episode 85 | Using Canva, we talked about our fav tool, Canva. And in Episode 86 | Camtasia & Snagit for your Visuals we talked about two more tools we use all the time: Camtasia & Snagit.

You may also want to check out Episode 75 | Places to Store Your Live Videos.

Up to this point, we helped you plan your visuals and create your visuals. Now it’s time to Organize Your Visuals!

Grab your Organizing Visuals Worksheet

We created a worksheet for you to use as you map out your strategy for organizing your visuals.

Who needs access to your visuals?

The first thing you need to determine is who needs access to your visuals. How you answer this will determine how you answer the next question about storage. If it’s just you, then you have a couple of more options. Fill in on the worksheet all the people that will need access to your visuals.

Where will your store your visuals?

Now you need to make the decision on where you will be storing your visuals. If it’s just you, then you can certainly start with just your computer. However, if you are getting into the video creation game, you will eventually need another place to store them. Give a listen to the episode to learn about all the options we shared.

You can also check out the article by PC Mag on the best cloud storage and file sharing tools for 2021.

My method is a mix of Google Drive (100GB level), iCloud (2T) and AWS (free). Use the worksheet to list the type of storage methods you will use for your visuals.

What filing method will you use?

You need to determine what type of filing (or foldering – yes, my made up word) you will use for your visual files. Some options to choose from are:

  • By Category
  • By Date
  • By Object or Content
  • A combination of methods

Having a filing method that makes sense to your brain and your business is fundamental to organizing your visuals. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you are consistent.

What will be your purging method?

Image and video files take up a lot of space. So it’s important to create a purging policy to outline when you will delete these digital assets. I give a few examples in the episode that you’ll want to check out. Then be sure to write down what your purging policy is going to be for your visual assets on the worksheet.

And that does it for our series on Visuals on Social. If you would like to continue the conversation, please join us in our FREE Facebook Group: Chill Collaborative for DIY Marketing!

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