86 | Camtasia & Snagit for your Visuals

Camtasia & Snagit for your visuals

Let’s recap for a minute

In our series on Visuals on Social, we started off with Episode 84 | Planning for Images & Videos on Social. In that episode, we have 2 checklists for you: 1) Planning for photos and 2) Planning for Videos. Then last week in Episode 85 | Using Canva, we covered an essential tool (at least for us), Canva. In this episode, we are going to talk about 2 more tools: Camtasia & Snagit.

Camtasia & Snagit

Techsmith is the company that created both Camtasia & Snagit. They have a couple of other products that fall into screen capture work, but these two are the ones that we use and will be talking about.

Let’s start with Snagit.


Snagit is a tool we use several times per week, and it allows you to capture your screen. Whether you just need a snapshot or a screencast, this tool can do both. And it doesn’t stop at just capturing the images. It also offers several functions within the tool to modify your images.

Once the program is installed on your computer, you can open up the program quickly with their side pop out tool or up in your top bar. Below you can see two images with the side pop out in and out, and then the box that pops up when you select the Snagit icon up top. Sadly, the quality of these images isn’t that great as I had to use my cell phone to take a picture of these as Snagit removes anything that has to do with the program when the screen capture mode starts.

And here is what the dashboard looks like when you get an image in the canvas:

Snagit canvas dashboard

In this image you can see where there are duplicates of the screen capture in png format:


Techsmith’s video tool is one that I would place between something free (like iMovie) and Adobe’s Premier Pro. And I also want to make it clear that using a tool like Camtasia should not replace using a professional videographer for certain projects. Just as Canva isn’t a replacement for using a graphic designer.

Here is what the Camtasia dashboard looks like. Note that this image is much better than the ones above where I used my phone. I used Snagit to capture this image.

Camtasia Dashboard

Camtasia & Snagit Pricing

At the time of this recording, you could grab Snagit for $49.99 and Camtasia for $249.99. There is also a “Bundle and Save” option for both programs. Then they have reasonably priced annual update rates, so you can upgrade to the latest version each year.

Camtasia & Snagit Pricing

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