85 | Using Canva

Using Canva

The Visuals on Social Conversation Continues with Using Canva

Last week’s episode laid the groundwork for this series. In this episode we are focusing on Using Canva to create the visuals you need for your business. Do not fret my friend, as you definitely do NOT need to be a graphic designer to use this tool.

Side note – this does not mean you shouldn’t have a graphic designer that you work with. Their expertise is still going to be quite necessary for your business. But for the everyday visuals that you need to create for your business, you will have to do them on your own most of the time.

Grab the Checklists!

Did you snag the 2 FREE checklists we offered last week? One is for images and one is for videos. If not, then you can get them on the show notes page for Episode 84 | Planning for Images & Videos on Social.

Using Canva the Great

There are really so many features that make using Canva worth every penny of the paid Pro plan. While yes, they have a free plan, I highly encourage you to invest in getting on a paid plan.

If you would like to try a paid feature, you can use my referral link that can get you one free premium element.

Stay Organized

Chill's Canva Folders

If you are just getting started with using Canva, then I highly recommend setting up a folder system to keep your projects organized. If you do this in the beginning, it will make your life easier later. I speak of this with first hand knowledge. The paid plan gets you unlimited folders.

So many project types

Canva Project Types

What makes Canva such a great tool is it goes beyond helping you create social media posts. You can also create documents, flyers, programs and slide deck presentations. You can even take the visual creations you make and put them on physical objects, like t-shirts and mousepads.

Your Brand Kit

Chill's Canva Brand Kit

I also highly recommend you set up your Brand Kit, as it will make it easier to find your brand fonts, colors and logos with every project you create. You can also upload certain fonts if you don’t see them available. Not all customized fonts are allowed to be uploaded, but it’s good to check anyway.

Inside a Cavas


Templates are gold in Canva, as you can get inspiration from other users’ designs to create something for yourself. You can change the various elements so it is aligned with your brand.


Within Canva you get access to literally MILLIONS of photos that you can use in your projects. And if you are on the free plan, then select the filter button up in the search bar to set it show you only free images.

Setting Free Photo Filter in Canva


This is the truly fun part of the canvas experience as you can really personalize and customize your projects with all the fun Elements they offer. The best advice I have is to just get in there and play with these.


If you set up your Brand Kit, then you will see your brand fonts at the top of the text section in every project you create. They also have what seem to be endless examples of different fonts used in different ways.

And so much more….

You can also add audio, video, backgrounds and more to your projects. Be sure to also check out the “More” section where you can link apps like Google Drive & Dropbox. As well as create custom QR codes.

One Awesome Feature of Using Canva: Social Posting

Yes, you heard me right….you can post directly to most social channels directly from within Canva. However, if you are already using another third party tool to post to social, you may want to keep it. And that is for 2 reasons:

  1. At this time Canva does not post to Instagram – so if you tool does this, you want to keep it.
  2. There is no reporting in Canva for your social posts – most third party tools provide some form of reporting. At this time, Canva does not provide this.

But if you are not using another tool and you have a paid plan with Canva, then I highly recommend you utilize this handy feature. At this time, you can post to:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Slack
  • Tumblr

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