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Running ads  on Facebook

6 Things you need for running Ads on Facebook

Before we get into the steps of creating ads on Facebook, you need to have 6 items to get started:

  • A Facebook Ads account – to be able to run the ads.
  • A credit card – to pay for the ads.
  • An image (or video) for the ad – that you will use to stop the scroll/swipe/tap.
  • A budget – check out AdEspresso’s Ad Calculator or HubSpot’s Ad Calculator.
  • The Facebook Pixel installed on your website.
  • Know your Target Audience – be sure to grab your FREE Client Persona Workbook from Episode 80.

Pro Tip – To protect your assets, you should verify your domain with Facebook. This will help you when the Apple iOS changes take place. I’ve created a short little guide to walk you through this process using your domain’s DNS.

You may also want to look into getting yourself verified in Ads Manager as well. While this is only required if you are running political type ads, it may be a good idea to do anyway. It could be your only recourse of proving your identity if your ad account gets shut down.

There are 3 levels to an Ad Campaign on Facebook.

To get into your Ads Manager, you can go to Pages in Facebook on desktop and choose “Ads” in the left side menu, or you can go to Facebook for Business (just make sure you are logged into your Facebook account when going there).

Campaign Level

At this level you choose your objective for your ad, name your campaign, designate if this is a special ad category and in some instances set your budget.

Note – in the episode I stated I use the acronym “TCBS” for this ad, but it’s actually “TCBJ”.

Here is the naming structure I used at the Campaign Level:

Ad Set Level

At the Ad Set Level you are entering a lot of your targeting information. Things like the geographic locations you want your ad served, gender and age of your audience as well as their interests and behaviors. You can also use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to dive deeper into your audience targeting.

You also determine the placement of the ads across Facebook’s assets as well as their Audience Network.

If you did not set your budget at the Campaign Level, then you need to set it at the Ad Set Level.

Be sure to watch the Estimated Daily Results numbers on the right side under the Audience Definition.

Don’t forget to name the Ad Set after you have chosen your targeting. This is what mine looked like for the ad we were creating:

Ad Level

At the Ad Level, you will be uploading your visual (a single image, multiple images or video), choosing the pages for the ads, entering the copy and any Calls to Action.

Want to talk more about Ads on Facebook?

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