80 | Know Your Target Audience

Know your target audience

Knowing your Target Audience is Half the Battle

As we pivot to Social Ads for the next few episodes, getting really dialed in on your target audience is the first thing you need to do. I hear all the time “my services can be used by anyone that is breathing” or “this product is really for anyone”. That may be true, but when you get into spending your hard earned cash, you definitely want to make sure it’s getting the results you anticipated.

Social media platforms have really improved their various ad tools over the years. Therefore, knowing who you are speaking to is very important.

Grab your FREE Client Persona Workbook

Before we get along too far, be sure you grab your FREE Client Persona Workbook to create your ideal client persona.

In this 11 page workbook, I walk you through all the pieces of your Client Persona. In the episode, I talk about the reasoning behind the different parts and how they pertain to your target audience.

It doesn’t matter if you have a B2C or B2B business, both can benefit from doing this work. Everything you do for your business (as it pertains to marketing) revolves around your target audience. It defines the messaging you give and the imagery you use.

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For further reading

In Episode 3 | Creating a Client Persona, you can get more information on client personas. We also share a few links to other articles on this topic.

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