79 | Networking with Existing Contacts

Networking with existing contacts

Networking is more than making new connections

We all know the concept that it costs less to sell to someone who has already bought from you than to find a new customer. The same is true with your networking.

You formed these relationships, so it certainly bodes well for your business to continue nurturing them. While it is always good to keep getting the word out about your business, it’s just as well to not forget those you have already made a connection with.

Grab your FREE Networking Workbook

We created a workbook for you to use as you go through this week’s podcast episode. It will help you lay down the groundwork for the networking you will be doing with existing contacts.

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We are social animals

Socially distancing and isolating at home is hard for many of us. Even though we must all still be vigilant through this pandemic as we are crossing the one year mark, we are lucky to live when we do.

Imagine the isolation that the world was going through during the 1918 Spanish Flu. They didn’t have the technology we have today. At least many of us on this planet can stay connected through video calls.

Let’s get to networking with our existing contacts

Your Power List

We are going to start with diving into your contacts that make up your Power List. You are going to put them in your Networking Workbook to reach out to in the coming week.

Be sure to listen to the episode to learn about who these people are and how they are important to your business.

Your Cheer Squad

The next part of your networking with existing contacts is listing out your cheer squad. These are the people that you REALLY need to keep in contact with throughout the year.

And you guessed it…I cover examples in the episode 😉. You also have spaces in the workbook to work on scripts for phone calls and emails in the workbook.

Accountability Partner

The best way to get started and to continue this work is to find yourself an Accountability Partner. I also shared 2 previous episodes where I have talked about this in the past: Episode 18 | 5 Traits of an Accountability Partner and Episode 61 | My Daily Accountability Partner – Skip. Side note….in this episode I misspoke and said the second episode was #62…it’s actually 61. Ooopsie!

And if you would like a whole squad to be accountable to, then I highly recommend joining our FREE Facebook Group: Chill Collaborative for DIY Marketing. We’d love to give you the support you need in there.

Don’t forget!

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The Chill Business Society

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