77 | 4 Online Networking Spaces

Online Networking

Are you ready to Network in 2021?

We are going to be talking about Networking the rest of this month, and due to COVID, it’s Online Networking. In this episode, we are going to be looking at 4 spaces you can check out to see how you can get your Networking hustle on.

In addition to these 4 places, you may also want to check out your local Chamber or BNI group as most of their regular events have all gone online.

Online Networking Spaces


Eventbrite is a great resource for learning about events in your area. A lot of events in the past were in-person events, but most are now online. This has also been a platform that allowed small businesses and individuals host paid events and use the tools Eventbrite offers to collect the fees. So don’t be surprised if you see a mix of free and paid offerings.

One nice feature about this platform is that if you want to host/create an event, if it is free, then you don’t have to pay to use their platform. And if you do end up charging a fee for your event, they take their percentage at the time the ticket is sold.


Traditionally, MeetUp is a place to find events that are happening locally to you. With the onset of COVID, many groups have moved their meetings to the online space. My weekly referral group has done this as well. Although we are all anxiously waiting to be able to meet in person again.

MeetUp is free if you are seeking events to attend. If you want to start a group (that hosts events), then you have to pay to post the group on the platform.

Facebook Events

A few years ago, Facebook created a separate app just for their events. It’s called Local.

Facebook Local

When using the app, you can quickly and easily see what local events are happening near you (and keeps you from going down the time suck on the regular app 🤣 ). And as with the first two places I’ve shared, most events are happening online these days.

LinkedIn Events

Yep, you guessed it….you can also get your networking hustle on when hanging out on LinkedIn. I mean, it IS the business social network, right? While they are the newest kid on the block to offer events, they are definitely holding their own in this space.

Go to your My Network tab and scroll down below any connection invitations you may have waiting for you. There you will see the curated events they have found for you. Select the See All button to see more events.

Networking on LinkedIn

This goes for all Online Networking events

When you get out there to sign up for events on these various platforms, make sure you are choosing events that either your ideal client would be attending or that can help you grow (personally or professionally). Don’t just pick events to attend for the sake of checking off networking on your list. Have a purpose for spending time at it.

The Chill Business Society doors are open!

The Chill Business Society

If you would like to take a deeper dive into this topic (Networking in 2021 is the theme this month), we would love to see you in the Society. We also cover topics like Content Creation, Instagram, Live Videos on Social, Email Marketing and more!

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I certainly hope 2021 is off to a great start for you!

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Abby Sandoval

2 years ago

I didn’t know about some of these!! Thanks so much for the helpful tips!!


2 years ago

So glad we could help you out with your online networking strategy!

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