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Planning for 2021

We’re baaaack!

Happy 2021! 🎉 Chill, like many companies around the world had to revamp the way we did things. And due to COVID and other family obligations, I had to make the hard decision to put The Chill Business Journey on hiatus.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that things were not still hopping around here. Many many changes have taken place. Since we were no longer having in person workshops at the Chill Headquarters, we decided to not renew our lease and have moved the offices into the good ‘ol homestead.

We also made the decision to focus 100% on our online offerings in 2021. That means no more individual client work. That was probably the hardest decision to make, as I love helping small business owners shine on social. However, by putting the focus on The Chill Business Society and other online products, we are able to help MORE business owners than ever before.

Speaking of The Chill Business Society

The Chill Business Society logo

We are going to have this podcast follow the same monthly theme that we teach in our Society each month. However, we will not be going as deep on the podcast into the content. You’ll have to join the Society to get that heavy lifting support. 😉 But we promise what we DO share on the podcast is still quite valuable.

While this month’s theme in the Society is Networking in 2021, we wanted to start the year off this first week with our 2021 Chill Editorial Calendar.

The new and improved Chill Editorial Calendar for 2021 Planning

Now that 2021 is a reality….it means we are back with a vengeance! And do we have some awesome stuff lined up for this year. We are going to hit the ground running this week as we are going to be Planning for 2021.

We are dropping our 2021 Chill Editorial Calendar for you today. And this year’s Editorial Calendar got a bit of a face lift. We’ve changed the color scheme and added some new sections. Enter your name and address below to get your calendar today!

When you first open the EC (that’s shorthand for Editorial Calendar), you will see our instruction page. Check out the notes on it, as it also covers any updates this year’s EC has.

If this is your first time using an EC, then block off a couple of hours to work through Qtr 1 of 2021. While you can fill out the whole year, we highly recommend going quarter by quarter. Planning out your digital marketing is a great way to make sure you are keeping your messaging on point for your brand.

Because we’ve been producing our Chill Editorial Calendar for several years now, here are 3 articles for further reading:

For those that want more help

As I mentioned above, The Chill Business Society is open to join through the end of the month (1/31/21 @ midnight Mountain Time).

Quick Start Planning

And if you aren’t ready to commit to the Society, but are still looking for extra help…we are releasing the content from November 2019 and November 2020 in a package deal, Quick Start Planning, for only $59.

Get more planning help in our Chill Collaborative for DIY Marketing Group

Would you like a FREE place to come and get more support for your business’ digital marketing? If so, we’d love to have you join our brand new Chill Collaborative for DIY Marketing group on Facebook. This is a space where you can interact with other small business owners that need support with their digital marketing endeavors. I hope to see you in the group soon!

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