74 | Repurposing Those Live Videos

Repurposing live videos

Still talking about videos!

We have another episode this week that is all about those live videos you are all doing for your business. However, the focus for this episode is about how you can repurpose those videos you spend so much time planning for.

First, make sure you have a copy of the video

Sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised how many people forget to do this part. So much time is spent prepping and then actually going live, that when it’s over they simply forget to save the video. Typically this is the case if you are just using your smartphone to go live. And if that is where you are in your process, that’s totally fine! You just need to remember to save a copy to your phone.

On Facebook

If you have gone live on Facebook and do not have a copy of the video, you can go back and download a version. Just keep in mind typically the downloads you get are lower quality than you may expect. However, it’s really easy to download a video.

First you want to click on the date for the post that is your live video:

Download video on Facebook

Once the video player on Facebook opens, then click on the 3 dots in the top right corner. This will give you a dropdown list where you can select the option to download the video:

Download Facebook Video

On Instagram & Periscope (Twitter)

If you are going live on Instagram or Periscope, make sure at the end of your live video you select the option to save a copy to your phone. It’s best to get in the habit of always saving your videos and deleting them later if you aren’t going to do anything with them, than to not save them and need them.

3rd Party Streaming Tools

If you use a third party tool to stream your live videos, then chances are you will have access to a copy of the video automatically. You can check out Episode 73 where I cover 3 such tools (Ecamm, BeLive and Streamyard).

Now spruce your video up a bit

Once you have a copy of your live video, spend some time freshening it up a bit. You can add an intro and outro, splice it up to make shorter soundbites or add any other effects you think it may need.

And if YouTube was not your platform of choice to go live on, then you DEFINITELY want to make sure you upload your video on that platform. The main reason for this is the simple fact that Google owns YouTube. Think of all the times you search for something and right at the top, just under ads, are a row of YouTube videos. Yes, Google will play favorites and return YouTube videos in regular old search results. So take advantage of this!

Software you can use to edit your video

If you are like me and did not get a degree of some sort in video, then your time would be well spent using tools that are, well, just easier to use. Mac owners get iMovie free with their computers. This software is really easy to use.

If you want to step things up a bit, you can check out the tool Camtasia by Techsmith. I literally use this program every week. It’s available for both Windows and Mac computers. Even though it has many more features than iMovie, it’s still really easy to use.

And if you want to just go all out, then you can check out Adobe Premier Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Put your videos on your website

If videos are not your main form of original content you are creating, then you could have a single page on your site that showcases your videos. Sort of like how we do our Week In Review podcast page.

If your live videos are your main form of original content, then use your website’s blogging features to make each video a blog (or vlog).

Crosspost on Facebook

If you go live on Facebook, and you have two business pages that compliment each other, then you may want to look into this option. You can have your live videos go to multiple pages at the same time. There are certain criteria you must adhere to, but it’s easy to make the connection.

First, go to the settings for one of the pages you want to connect:

Facebook Crossposting

Next, select the “Crossposting” option in the left column in settings and start filling in the page name that you want to connect:

Facebook Crossposting

You will get a pop up window where you can set the rules for how the two pages will crosspost. Select “Next” to continue:

Facebook Crossposting

You will then get a confirmation box that you can select “Done” on:

Facebook Crossposting

When you go to the Crossposting settings for the page you connected, you will see that the original page is already listed.

Facebook Crossposting

Use a still frame from the video

I shared an example where Briana used a screen shot from a live video that we used in an ad we ran for our Irresistible Social Profiles course. Here is what that looked like:

Chill DM Profile

Use your videos in your Email Campaigns

As much as we all hope that everyone in our universe watches our live videos, the truth is many may not catch the live. So why not let them see the replay? Let your audience know about the video through email campaigns. Depending on your email to video frequency ratio, you can showcase a single video in each email, or share a list of all your most recent videos.

Our process flow at Chill

I always appreciate when I can see a process flow that another business uses, to see how I can incorporate it in my business. So let me share our process we use at Chill:

  1. Go Live on Facebook every Thursday @ 11:30am MT.
  2. Take recording of live video and edit in Camtasia.
  3. Upload edited video with custom episode branded image to IGTV.
  4. Upload edited video with custom episode branded image to YouTube.

However, the live video is just a portion of our messaging about our latest podcast episodes. We also send a weekly email showcasing the latest episode as well as social posts to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business.

If videos are your main format of original content, then your process will look much different.

Allyship Segment of the Week

A few episodes ago I shared the podcast Code Switch. On one of their recent episodes, they were talking about the book, Such a Fun Age by Keiley Reid.

Such a Fun Age book

In this fictional story, the author shares the experiences and perspectives of a white mother, Alix, and her black childcare provider, Emira. There is a central event of the story that exemplifies the racial injustices that people of color experience all the time in our country. I won’t spoil the book and just tell you to go out and grab a copy!

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