72 | Going Live on Instagram

Going Live on Instagram

Last episode had a dose of strategy

If you didn’t listen to the last episode I dropped, then you need to go back and listen to that one. I talked a lot about strategy, and I even created a FREE worksheet you can download to go through that planning process. Go check out Going Live on Facebook.

Now let’s talk about Live on Instagram

Even though our main focus is on Live Videos, there will be some talk about Stories as well since you have to go into the Stories Universe to get to Live Videos on Instagram.

Wherever you are on Instagram, that will determine the length of the video you can have in that location. Here is the breakdown:

  • Regular Feed Videos – min 3 seconds; max 60 seconds (permanent unless you delete it).
  • Stories – max 15 seconds, however the app will break up a recording into 15 second increments (goes away after 24 hrs unless added to a Highlight).
  • Instagram Live – max 60 minutes (can download to phone, keep in Stories for 24 hours, or send to IGTV where it will stay unless you delete it).
  • IGTV – min 1 minute – max 10 minutes (unless you have over 25K followers and have a verified account – then up to 1 hr).

Lives start in Stories on Instagram

Playing with filters on Instagram

Since you have to get into the Stories Universe to access Live Videos, be careful to not fall down the rabbit hole of filters when you get in. I definitely end up playing around with filters every single time I go in there. Even when I’m on a mission to get a story or live video out for my business!

When you go to start a live video, you can see a short list of your followers that are active on the platform. Your profile image at the top of the home feed for Stories will also have a “Live” label on it. This way when folks just come onto the platform, they can quickly see who is live.

The Sweet Spot

Wistia analyzed data from over 500K videos (that had 1.3 billion views) to see what the drop off of engagement was in relation to the length of the video. They found that videos in the 30 second to 2 minute range got roughly 70% engagement. There was significant drop off between 2-6 minutes down to just above 50%. However, it leveled off during 6-12 minutes before dropping again.

Wistia Video Engagement
From Wistia

What I share in the episode:

  • I shared how to get to the place on Instagram where you go live.
  • I shared how long you should make your video.
  • I shared how you can practice your videos.
  • I gave you some ideas on what your videos can cover.

Yes, you will have to listen to the episode to hear about the 11 different types of Live Videos you could create. Now you have no excuses to not go live on Instagram. I’d love to see what you create! Tag @chilldigitalmarketing in your video so we can give you some love!!

Allyship Segment of the Week

In this week’s Allyship Segment of the Week I wanted to share with you a list of black owned businesses that I got from a post that Amy Porterfield shared recently in support of Blackout Day 2020 (which was July 7th in case you are wondering). Here they are:

Be sure to check out these businesses to see if there is anything that piques your interest.

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