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Going live on facebook

How is your life going?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of going live on Facebook, I went on a little tangent about coming back to the office to work. Are you still working from home, or have you ventured back to the office yet?

Live Videos on Social Media

The next few episodes are going to be covering different aspects of going live on Social Media. So don’t worry if we may not cover something you want to know more about. It very well could get covered in an upcoming episode.

My experience has shown me there are two main reasons why people don’t get started with live videos on social:

  1. You are intimidated by the tech.
  2. You are scared to go live on video because you might mess up.

Why now is a good time to go live

Due to COVID-19, more people are spending more time on social media. So why not get those eyeballs on you and your business? While creating ads is one strategy that you could implement, this series is covering videos. Mainly because videos still get the best organic reach right now. And live videos are the cream at the top.

Need some convincing?

If you still need some convincing to try out going live on social, I share some staggering statistics in this episode. Did you know that by the end of the year, upwards of 82% of ALL internet traffic will be streaming videos?!?!? That’s a pretty impressive number. You don’t want to be left in the 18% of content consumed that is non-video. Because more than likely it will never get seen.

Are you aware how many US adults use Facebook? In case you are wondering….it’s 69%. That’s a pretty large amount. And it’s roughly 260 million people in the US. There is no doubt that is a lot of eyeballs. As a small business owner, I would fall flat on the floor if just 1% came knocking on my door!

Mapping out your Facebook Strategy

The first thing to keep in mind is that Facebook does really well with shorter videos. Save your longer format for YouTube. When I go live each week, I go for about 5-8 minutes on average. You may only want to go 1-2 minutes. Just remember, shorter is better for this platform.

Snag the worksheet

Download the worksheet I created as you work through the steps in this episode.

What is your goal for going Live?

What is your purpose or goal for going live? Is it growing your audience on social? It is to show how the products you sell work? Is it to showcase DIY projects? Whatever it is, add it to the worksheet.

How often will you go live?

It doesn’t matter what frequency works for you and your business. What is most crucial is consistency. So be sure you map out a frequency that will set you up for success and not failure. Add this frequency to the worksheet.

What promotions are coming up for your business?

Be sure you are taking advantage of these live videos to showcase any promotions you have coming up. Talk about them in the weeks leading up to the launch of the product or service. List these promotions on the worksheet.

Listing your topics

While the best live videos are more casual and appear like you are chatting with your best buddies (ie: your audience). But mapping out the topics you will be covering each week during this planning phase will help you make sure you are talking about the key items you deem important to talk about.

As you draw closer to the date of going live, you can create a more detailed outline to use when you are live. Unless you are a well trained teleprompter user, I suggest you get comfortable with speaking off the cuff and just using a bullet point list to keep you on track when you are live.

The equipment you need

A microphone

You don’t need to break the bank getting a microphone (as your business grows, you can look at upgrading down the road), but you should invest in one. Sound is key here. Here is a list of some inexpensive mics you can get off Amazon:

PowerDeWise $41.41
PoP voice $16.99
Purple Panda $45.99

I use the PowerDeWise mic every week in my Facebook Lives and I’ve also purchased the Purple Panda as well.

A camera

You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy camera. If you are just getting started, then use your smartphone. The cameras on them these days are perfectly fine to use. In an upcoming episode, I will talk more about next level equipment you can look at when you are ready to go to the next level.

A tabletop tripod

Another piece of equipment you may want to invest in is a table top tripod. This will just help to stabilize your phone. It’s not 100% needed, but your audience will thank you for not sending them on a Blair Witch viewing journey. Just make sure if you search for just tripods, you also get a phone holder to use with it. These are some “kits” that have both.

Manfrotto PIXI $29.99
UBeesize Tripod S $24.99
Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek $26.99

Now list on the worksheet the equipment you want to use.

Put a date on it

Now I want you to put two dates on your calendar. The first is a date to practice. Be sure to listen to the hack I share in the episode on how to practice on Facebook with live videos.

The second date is when you will go Live on Facebook. And tag Chill in your live video so we can give you video love!!

Allyship Segment of the Week

This week I want to share with you a collective I learned about called the Dismantle Collective. Their mission is to have the uncomfortable conversations surrounding white supremacy. From their website:

They even have a large list of Resources for White Allies. I highly encourage you to learn more about this collective to learn how you can help to dismantle white supremacy.

Until next time…


PS – All Amazon links are NOT affiliate links. Prices of equipment may change by time you visit the links.

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