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Routines for your workday

Setting your day up for success

We already covered how impactful a Morning Routine can have on your mornings in last week’s episode, Creating a Morning Routine. In this episode we take this positivity and bring it into your workday.

They key with any routine is consistency. When you have consistency with a routine it naturally allows you to have more focus. Let’s look at a few different routines you may be able to bring into your workday.

Time Blocking

Time Blocking is a quite popular way for entrepreneurs to not let their day get away from them. This daily consistency can really help you stay on track with your business. Within this concept of time blocking, we are going to share 3 different practices.

Each Day Looks The Same

With this practice you do the same task during the same time of day each day of the week. Or you could have variations where maybe Wednesdays you have client meetings from 8-10am and only 30 minutes from 10-10:30am to check email before diving into client and creative work.

The main point of this is to show consistency with your time. You should set up what works best for your business and time schedule.

Time blocking by hour

Filling The Gaps

Another method is where you look at each day and fill the gaps. Let’s say it’s the beginning of the day and I have a company meeting 10-11am, a live video scheduled at 11:00am, and a client meeting from 2-3pm. My calendar may look like this to start:

  • 9am:
  • 10am: Staff meeting
  • 11am: Live Video
  • 12pm:
  • 1pm:
  • 2pm: Client Meeting
  • 3pm:
  • 4pm:
  • 5pm:

I’ve filled in my appointments, so now I can fill in my hour blocking items. Now my day is blocked off so I can keep on task with what I need to be doing each hour.

  • 9am: Check email
  • 10am: Staff meeting
  • 11am: Live Video
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Podcast work
  • 2pm: Client Meeting
  • 3pm: Client Work
  • 4pm: Client Work
  • 5pm: Email & Marketing

Tasks by Day

With this final practice, you can set your week up so that each day has a singular focus. While I personally have not tried this method, there are those out there that really love working this way.

Time blocking by day

And it may not be that each week looks like this. Maybe you have a two week rotation of what you do for that day. I know some podcasters that batch record, so they may have one day a month that is nothing but podcast recording.

Other entrepreneurs set certain days of the month to be their video shoot days as they get their hair and makeup done professionally that day.

It all boils down to doing what works for you and your business. And you can grab our FREE 2020 Editorial Calendar if you need some guidance on your Marketing day.

Email Routines

While you can certainly incorporate an email routine with a time blocking practice, the key here is to do something. Email has to be one of the biggest time constraints on an entrepreneur’s day.

Listen to the episode to hear different examples on how you can handle email during the work day.

I make many references to “focus”. And that happens to be my word for 2020. If you want to learn more about my word Focus, hit up that episode next.

Phone Call Routines

You may create a routine for phone calls that is very similar to your email. And you may even let the times you block for email be alloted for email and phone calls.

Handling Your MITs

MIT stands for Most Important Task. If you already have as part of your morning routine to identify the 3 most important tasks you need to get done, then you are already practicing this routine. Just make sure you have a process for getting them on your daily schedule so they actually get done.

Incorporate some Self Care

As small business owners, we sometimes forget to walk away from the desk and have some self care time. This is crucial to keep the energy to keep going. I share a couple of examples in this episode of things I did in this area.

Evening Routines

Why stop with just your morning and daytime? Rolling those routines right into the evening right before your head hits the pillow is just as beneficial. You could spend time journaling, reading, meditating or all of the above.

I like having the practice of writing down anything that’s in my head that needs to get done. This way, I’ve put it to paper and my subconscious knows it has been documented, which in turn causes a better night’s sleep.

Allyship Segment of the Week

I am committing to sharing resources from marginalized communities. This special place may ebb and flow as to which communities are focused on, however, my intent is to uplift those voices that have been stifled for too long.

I own that I grew up with white privilege. Therefore, I know there are many things I need to learn to be a better version of myself. I will not be trying to teach anyone anything, as I myself am still a student. However, I will be sharing resources I come across that can hopefully help more people become more educated themselves.

I will not politicize my commentary, but simply provide resources. This will be in the form of books, movies, articles, videos, organizations, individuals, businesses and more.

How To Be an Antiracist
Image from Amazon

This week I would like to share the book How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I am just in the beginning of the book, so I do not have much to say about it. My right hand woman, Briana, recommended it, so that is the book I chose.

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