67 | Creating a Morning Routine

Creating a morning routine

What type of morning person are you?

Do you drag your feet every second of the morning starting when your alarm first goes off? Or are you the type of person that has a very relaxing and productive morning? If you are the former, then this episode just may be what you need to have a better start to your days.

You may need to make a mindset shift if you have never had a true morning routine other than rushing. Before you even get started on this journey, you really need to be in a place that you are committed to try it 100%.

COVID-19 is not an excuse to not get started

I get it. Most people have a different way of life-ing these days. All our normal routines have been upended. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from having a morning routine to set you up for success each day.

Did I have to modify my morning routine? You betcha. Did I stop all together. Nope. There have been some modifications, but the bulk of my morning routine is still in place.

And I also had the self imposed added complication of having ankle surgery a few weeks ago. Therefore, it certainly takes me longer to get things done each and every day. But there are some key things that I continued to do each morning as I share in this episode.

In case you need some ideas

I mention there is a list you can check out by Craig Kulyk where he shares 127 Rituals you can choose from for your Morning Routine. By no means are you to even consider doing all of these. In fact, many are variations of a single option. But it is a great place to get some ideas of how you would like to form your Morning Routine.

Be sure you are choosing things that you want or like to do. Don’t pick things you don’t like to do as that will be setting yourself up for failure.

I also recommend including two main rituals: meditation and gratitude. I use every morning the app Insight Timer. You can set up a free account and have access to thousands of meditations.

Are you ready to create your Morning Routine?

As promised, here is where you can get the 2-page worksheet we designed to help you get your Morning Routine mapped out once and for all.

If you don’t get an email in a few minutes with the download, send an email to support@chilldm.com.

Start with a Brain Dump

On the first sheet you are going to just be putting down as many things that look interesting to you. Then make sure you have listened to the episode to know what you need to do with the items you listed in this brain dump.

Then map out your routine

On the second page, you will map out the top choices from your brain dump page. Try to keep it to 5 or less items from your brain dump. Again, listen to this episode to get more information on how to work through this process.

Now…Do it!

It doesn’t serve you at all to go through this planning and to not implement it. You will not see results if you don’t do the work. And revisit your plan after the first week to see if you need to make any adjustments.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Just be sure to get back into your routine the next day. And if you need to, revisit Episode 66 | Give Yourself Some Grace to know sometimes it’s ok to not get everything done.

Until next time…


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