66 | Give Yourself Some Grace

Give yourself some grace

Typical is No More

Let’s face it…our new normal is constant change. We don’t know from one day to the next what we need/should be doing to keep ourselves safe. Who knows when or if we will ever be able to get back to the life we once knew. My guess is probably not likely. Because there is another virus lurking around the corner after we conquer COVID-19.

As we stumble and fall, one thing we should make sure we are doing is giving ourselves some grace for those times when we simply can’t do it all.

Boy have I dropped some balls!

Basically at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve not had my A Game going on. But honestly, most people are in the same boat.

My weekly emails quit going out mid-March (but that is changing this week). I missed an episode last week on The Chill Business Journey. Shoot…I missed an episode on my other podcast, Chill Digital Marketing’s Week In Review.

But I’m giving myself some grace. Grace to know that it’s completely acceptable to not be able to do it all. Especially these days. Everything is different. Having the world stop at this magnitude is something that has never happened before. There are not guides on how to handle this shake up of the world.

Grab a pen and paper

I want you to write down on a sheet of paper the numbers 1-3. Leave a little space for a couple of sentences between the numbers. Next to each number, I want you to write down an item you didn’t get done for your business. Let’s limit these items to things you intended to get done between 3/15/20 until now.

Next to your answer for #1, I want you to write: It’s not the end of the world this didn’t get done. Then add that statement to items you listed in #s 2 & 3.

Next on the sheet of paper, list 1-3 again (with a couple of lines between each number). These numbers reflect the items you listed above. Look at #1. Is this something you can still get done? If so, write a date next to the number when you will have that item completed.

If the item was time sensitive and cannot be completed at this time, then I want you to write: I am not able to do this item and it is ok. Then I want you to put any items to rest that can’t be done. Do not let them take up any space in your head and/or heart anymore.

Your Special Gift

Feel free to print this off and tape it to your monitor or wall as a reminder that it’s ok to not be able to do it all, and you should give yourself some grace.

If you would like a pdf version to print, you can get that HERE.

Until next time…


A little reminder….

The Chill Business Society

I also wanted to remind you that the doors for The Chill Business Society are open until May 31, 2020. If you feel like you need to focus on your digital marketing for your business, yet don’t have a budget to outsource the work, then you may want to check it out. I hope to see you in the Society!

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