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Chat series with Briana

Chatting with my Right-Hand Woman

Who better to have a chat about life during the coronavirus pandemic than my sidekick, Briana. She joined the Chill team almost a year ago, and I am completely smitten with her!

Meet Briana

Briana Perin
Source: Briana’s Facebook profile

Yes, that picture was from Briana’s trek in Nepal. Needless to say I’m a bit jealous of that trip she went on. However, it was a perfect journey for her.

We start out our conversation talking about the changes and challenges that she has endured during this time of working from home. We also talked about roommates, skipping down the road and cats in your face.

Then we talked about a few things we are looking forward once this pandemic is over. Things like eating out which of course sent us down a food rabbit hole that made us both hungry. What is something that you are looking forward to after this chaos we are experiencing?

I also wanted to get Briana’s input on some silver linings that she has found during these stay at home orders. She shared things like walks in nature, meditation and more communication with her family have been some grounding things that she appreciates doing more of.

These stay at home orders are also giving her time to redecorate her space and make it the best she can for herself. She got some plants from The Flower Bin, so if you are local you may want to check it out. Sadly, I have gotten no house projects done.

Then the conversation pivoted to getting back into the office for some normalcy. And being able to leave work at work. And not working where you live. Which of course had us talk about not having to wear makeup every day. It will be interesting to see if we are able to have more lax beauty routines, because it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Although we both can’t wait to have our hair taken care of when the time is right. And I will be waiting even longer since I have my surgery coming up. Are you in dire need to see your stylist too?

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