64 | Anything But Typical Chat Series – Liz Jostes

Anything but typical chat with Liz Jostes

Ready for the second chat in our series?

I’m really excited to have my marketing genius buddy, Liz, join me on The Chill Business Journey this week.

Meet Liz

Liz Jostes

Liz is no stranger to our podcast. She was dropping her knowledge almost a year ago when she and I chatted about blogging in Episode 14 | Diving Into Blogging with Liz Jostes. She gets some serious traffic to her Eli|Rose Social Media blogs. Definitely worth checking out if you want to get some nuggets on blogging.

Towards the beginning of our chat, I break out in song ever so briefly. So I just needed to put this here to show I’m not cray-cray *yet*!

We talk about her husband’s work, surgeries, TikTok, family Zoom calls, helping parents with tech, keeping the kids from killing each other, ukulele lessons and silver linings. I do have to say, even though this series isn’t really about marketing, she does drop some TikTok knowledge bombs. I definitely learned quite a few tidbits from Liz!

I also talked about an impulse buy I made for a Hue Drum. Seems like it’s easy to play without a lot of musical talent. And we also chatted about Hello Fresh, SunBasket and ButcherBox.

So let me ask you…..how are things going for you these days? It seems some states here in the US are starting to lift some of their regulations. I’ll be having surgery soon, so I’m going to be homebound at least through June 1st anyway. When are you planning to get back to working outside your home? Of course, that’s if you don’t work from home to begin with.

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