62 | Power Your Business with Rocket Fuel

Power your business with rocket fuel

I finally read the book

After hearing about it for years, I finally got around to reading Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters. And after reading it, I feel like I have some work to do to find my perfect Integrator. But I’m getting ahead of myself right now.

As promised in the episode, here is the link to get your own copy of Rocket Fuel. No strings attached (I do not get any compensation by sharing this link).

It’s all about Visionaries and Integrators

The whole premise of the book is that you need a yin to your yang, a vanilla to your chocolate, a pillow with your blanket. Most business owners or founders are the Visionaries in their companies. So what we need to think about is brining in an Integrator to help us get more done.

The Visionary

As mentioned above, they are usually the founders of a business. They are idea generators. They thrive at the 30K foot view and are constantly coming up with new paths for the business. They are the thinkers and they inspire others in the organization. They create the company vision and protect it.

Visionaries struggle with focus. While they can manage the daily operations on a short term basis, they do better when they don’t have to deal with them. Due to their constant flow of creativity, they can often cause “organizational whiplash”. Meaning the company has a hard time keeping up and pivoting when things change often.

The Integrator

Where the Visionary struggles with the minutia of daily operations, the Integrator thrives in this area. They are the glue that holds the organization together. They are the grounded pragmatic part of the organization that supports the Visionary.

The Integrator rarely gets any glory for the success they help attain. But they are ok with this. They prefer the behind the scenes position that they hold. They know it’s not glamorous, and they are fine with that. They keep the Visionary grounded in reality.

The 4 Readiness Questions

There are basically 4 questions you need to answer for yourself (and your business) to see if you are in a position to start down the path of finding an Integrator.

  1. Are you financially ready. You must be able to pay an integrator a competitive salary to choose to come work with you vs. someone else.
  2. Are you psychologically ready to let go of some of the control over your business?
  3. Are you ready to shift your focus to other areas working the same amount of hours, or reducing the hours you work to spend more time doing things outside of work?
  4. Are you ready to be 100% you (and not taking on the Integrator roles)?

The 5 Rules

There are several different things you need to do once you find an Integrator you want to bring on board. You will need to create an Accountability Chart, and then adhere to The 5 Rules.

  1. Stay on the same page.
  2. No end runs.
  3. The Integrator is the tie breaker.
  4. You are an employee when working “in” the business.
  5. Maintain mutual respect.

Personally, I think the 3rd one may be the hardest for the Visionary. Remember, they are typically the founder of the organization. So when their voice/vote is overridden by someone they hired, that could be a hard pill to swallow.

The numbers are tough

In the book, they talk about studies that claim only about 22% of the world’s population are Visionaries. The scarier part is that only about 5.5% are Integrators. Those are 4 to 1 odds that you will find your match.

However, there are tools you can utilize to search for that Integrator. Think of Recruiters or Networking or even the book’s resources.

You also need to have patience and give a new Integrator a good 90 days to learn your business at a deep level. And you need to wait a year to really hit your stride as a V/I duo. So don’t rush the process.

90 Days are important

There is also significance in the 90 days that we’ve discussed in the past. Our very first episode was covering The 12 Week Year. Where you plan for your business in 12 week intervals. Which is also 90 days.

The Oak Journal

And then the past two episodes, 60 | The Oak Journal and 61 | My Daily Accountability Partner – Skip, both talk about the 90 day OAK Journal. This is the journal I started using this year and it also has you planning in 90 day intervals.

Side note…our listeners can get 20% OFF the OAK Journal. Simply enter “CHILL” at checkout to get this special discount!

Until next time….


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The Chill Business Society

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