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Let’s go back to January 2020

Yes, times were very different back in January this year. Feels like a lifetime ago to be honest. I’m sure you can relate.

I attended Realities for Children – Boulder County’s annual Business Members’ Summit. The keynote speaker for this Summit was Keith Roberts. And his presentation was about the foundation behind The Oak Journal. Of which I bought one.

Let’s go back before January 2020

I don’t journal. I’ve tried so many times in my life to start one, only to ever enter one entry in a new journal. I come back to the journal years later and enter another entry, then set it down and never write in it again.

Ok, back to 2020

Not only did I buy the journal, but I’ve kept up with this one since I got it on January 14th ?

I think the reason this one has worked so well for me is because it’s a cross between a journal and a planner. It also has all the prompts I need to be more successful with the journaling part.

The Oak Journal

The front of the Journal

They have several different sections in The Oak Journal at the beginning that help you with mapping out how you will be using the journal on a daily basis. You can hear my answers for these section in this episode:

  • Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • Your Personal Why
  • Morning Routine / Evening Routine
  • (3) 90 Day Goals

The Daily Stuff

The meat of this journal is what you do daily. This keeps you connected to your 90 day goals.

Make your bed

Another piece of this process is making your bed every day. But it’s not just making your bed, but also making 1 incremental improvement each day. This shows how when you take a lot of small steps, over time they accumulate to something larger.

In this episode I shared what I did beyond making an improvement to making my bed.

My Accountability Partner

In the Summit presentation, Keith asked attendees to pick an accountability partner to, well, be accountable to. I ended up partnering with my long time friend, Skip.

I don’t dive too much into this part of my Oak Journal journey, as I actually interviewed him for this podcast to chat about our experiences working together with the Oak Journal.

My Daily Routine

In the morning

I start out with my 10/10/10s. Before I get out of bed, I pop in my earbuds and do my 10 minutes of morning meditation. I do guided meditations with background music using the app Insight Timer.

Then I get out of bed and do 10 minutes of reading. Usually I read work related books. However, these days I do my morning dose of the news.

Following my reading, I do my 10 minutes of journaling. The daily pages in The Oak Journal have sections that guide you to the things you need to write about that day. It also has a blank page for free form writing, which I use for my to-do lists.

Prior to the coronavirus, I would do 20 minutes of movement. This was either yoga, or weights or pre-hab exercises for my upcoming surgery (which has been cancelled at this point). Now days, I try to go on walks with my kids when they are done with their online schooling.

In the evening

The first 45 days or so, I also did a 10/10/10 in the evening in reverse order (journaling, reading, meditating). However, these days I just do 10 minutes of journaling and 10 minutes of reading. I used to fall asleep with the meditation, but now I’m falling asleep with the reading.

I also do a to-do brain dump into my journal for the next day with items that came up in the current day. This has helped me get more sleep, as I don’t have to hold any brain bandwidth to remember the items which keep me up at night.

Weekly Reflections

The journal also has a weekly reflection section where you can look back on what you experienced in the past week. And this section is guided, so it’s really easy to know what you should be doing.


I’ve absolutely LOVED having an accountability partner, as it’s kept me moving forward and not quitting. Because I formed this habit prior to being homebound during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s this piece of life before that I can hold on to. A semblance of what was that gives me strength to keep going.

Be sure to grab your own Oak Journal to get started on grounding yourself in these crazy times! They have graciously given our audience a 20% discount! Use code “CHILL” at checkout to get your journal at a discount!

Until next time….


PS – The doors are open to The Chill Business Society until Saturday, April 18th. So be sure to head on over to our information page to learn all about how you can get the support for your business in this digital age.

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Keith Roberts

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing the OAK Journal and our method. We created a 20% discount code: CHILL for any of your listeners to save on any purchase at http://www.OAKjournal.com

Have a great day and stay safe!


4 years ago

Thank you so much Keith! That is awesome news. So happy to spread the word about The Oak Journal!


3 years ago

The discount code doesn’t work.

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