58 | Sanity During Isolation

Sanity during isolation

We are all in this together!

This week’s episode is jumping onto a different track. While we had different content slated to go out today, we wanted to offer something that may be more beneficial at this time than tips on creating Lead Generators. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing back that content soon.

In the meantime, know that you are not alone. This time it’s not just a neighborhood issue, to city problem….the whole freakin’ world is experiencing the same thing! This hasn’t happened in my lifetime, and I’m pretty sure most other folks (unless you lived in 1918 and experienced the Spanish Flu). So let’s all remember there are literally billions of other people going through what you are.

What to do if you and kids are home for a while

I have created an Isolation Sanity Guide that you can download to create a way for you and your family to keep your sanity while we are all on top of each other for weeks on end and no known end in sight (at least before school gets out for the school year).

If you just want to get this guide, then hop down to the bottom to grab it. We are not asking for email or anything else to get it. It’s just there for the taking 🙂

The Isolation Sanity Guide

Opening Remarks

I have an opening letter I share with you why I decided to create this guide. If I can help just one person/family, then this guide was completely worth it!

Don’t Fight It

In this day and age, we can’t get away from technology. So don’t fight it, embrace it.

Create Routines

Kids need routines to feel comfort. They may fight against it, but deep down they need it. I share our routine that we are doing in our home in the guide.

Daily Schedule

You can put the schedule on your fridge. Or make one that works better for your family.

Online Learning

I can’t take credit for this list. It has been shared from one parent to another. So to the magical person that created this list….parents across the nation bow down to you!

Until next time…


PS – The meal planning app that we use is Plan To Eat.

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