56 | Planning for Second Quarter of 2020

Planning for second quarter of 2020

Your friendly planning reminder 🙂

Let’s keep the momentum going with the planning you started at the beginning of the year. Many times we are super energized to get 1st QTR all planning out to be successful. Then we wain in our enthusiasm and end up creating things last minute for our business.

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Getting started with Quarter 2 of 2020

First look at any promotions coming in April/May/June

When you first get started, you want to see if you have any planned promotions happening in the second quarter. And if you do, will you be creating any original content for those promotions. Remember to also think about the content you may be creating leading up to the promotion as well.

Use the promotions tab if you need to in planning your social for them.

Put promotion content in Editorial Calendar

Now you want to plug in the original content on the Editorial Calendar for the dates that it will be released. Use the sections that pertain to the type of content you are creating.

Now look at the analytics on your social accounts

You should be looking at the analytics for your social accounts at a minimum quarterly so you know you are posting at the most opportune times to post. See what days of the week and times of the day your followers are on the respective platforms.

Then mark on your Editorial Calendar those times for the days when you will be posting. Here is an example of what I was describing in this episode:

Now that you know the times you will be posting on the social platforms, start plugging those posts into the Editorial Calendar. And don’t forget about Stories that you may be creating as well.

Schedule time for the work each week

Be sure to block off time on your calendar each week of the second quarter to reserve the time for your weekly posting. And do the tip I mention in the episode too 😉

Last but not least….

Take the time right now to block some time off this month to get this second quarter planning done.

Until next time…


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