55 | Volunteering at Conferences

Volunteering at Conferences

It’s time to pack!

When this episode is released, I’ll be getting ready for my trip west to Social Media Marketing World 2020. And this time it’s going to be a different experience for me.

Last December I talked about Conferences

You may or may not recall I did an episode last December about 5 Tips for Choosing Conferences to Attend. Those tips were:

  • The price and timing
  • Go to conferences your ideal client goes to
  • Check out local events
  • See if anyone in a group you are in is planning to attend the same conference
  • Be a volunteer

And it’s that last point that is the basis for this episode.

My reasons for volunteering

One reason I want to be a volunteer at this particular conference is to meet more people in my industry. Preferably more folks that are further along in their business than I am (as that’s a good practice to have for yourself).

Another reason for wanting to be at this particular conference is to see folks I already know and get to hang out with them IRL (that’s In Real Life). Many come from Social Media Manager School, which I’ve mentioned several times in previous episodes.

Of course there is also the education portion, but as a volunteer, I don’t get as much time to sit in the sessions. However, a nice perk is getting access to the recordings of ALL the sessions, so I can continue that education piece once I get back home.

But ultimately, it’s the networking piece that is the biggest draw. Whether it’s with peers or those I look up to, getting to have some one on one face time will be invaluable.

A tip about the application process

Being that this is my first volunteer gig for a decent sized conference, I’m not 100% sure how others do it, but I feel like a “personality reel” (yes, I just made that up) may be pretty common.

For this conference, they required a 30 second video of you explaining why you are a good fit for their conference. If you have to do this, simply upload the video to your YouTube account as an unpublished video and share that link with them.

A few more tips on volunteering

Here are 5 more tips I have for things to think about when volunteering:

  • Stay in a hotel close to the venue.
  • Bring comfortable shoes.
  • Bring power chargers.
  • Be sure to pack business cards.
  • Get lots of rest.

Interested in Social Media Marketing World 2020?

In the episode I remarked that only virtual tickets were available, but it looks like ALL TICKET TYPES* are available as of the release of this episode. The conference starts on Sunday, March 1st and goes through Tuesday, March 3rd.

*This is an affiliate link

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