52 | Happy Birthday to The Chill Business Journey

Happy Birthday The Chill Business Journey

We are 1!

This week The Chill Business Journey turns 1! We have to say we are pretty excited about this. So much so, that we have a special announcement at the end of this episode!

Celebrating this past year

To celebrate our first trip around the sun, we are recapping the 5 most popular episodes from last year. These were the episodes that got the most traffic on our website. So let’s countdown David Letterman style, shall we?

Number 5

Choosing Conferences

Coming in at the 5th most popular episode is Episode 46 | 5 Tips for Choosing Conferences to Attend. While you may already have 2020 planned out, you could use these tips for 2021.

If you are planning to go to Social Media Marketing World later this month, let us know! I will be volunteering this year, so look for me if you will be there 🙂

Number 4

Just F*cking Do It by Noor Hibbert

Our fourth most popular episode was Episode 35 | The Book: Just F*cking Do It by Noor Hibbert. In this episode I share some pieces of this book that was very inspiring to me. I even share an experience I had while reading the book and going through the tasks it asks you to do.

Having this book pop up on our top 5 list is convincing me I need to read it again. I can always use some Universe love.

Number 3

For-Purpose Organization: Realities for Children Boulder County

The third most popular episode last year is one that is dear to my heart, Episode 36 | For Purpose Chat with Sydney Bergen. I had so much fun chatting with Sydney in our Chill Offices about how as a society we need to have a mindset shift in how we think of non-profits.

The first is calling them for-purpose. It just has a more positive ring, don’t you think? Be sure to check out the YouTube video I share on other strategic changes we need to have regarding for-purpose organizations.

Number 2

Editorial Calendar

Our runner-up for most popular episode is one that I am very proud of. And that is Episode 33 | Chill’s 2020 Editorial Calendar. This is our release of our 5th annual Editorial Calendar. We produce this tool every year for FREE for anyone that needs help organizing their digital marketing.

We also chat about the types of original content you should be creating as well as offering a worksheet to help you through the process.

Number 1

Vision Board

And the number 1 most popular episode in the last 52 week is…..drum roll please…..Episode 37 | A Vision Board for Your 2020 Vision. In this episode I go through the process of creating a digital vision board for yourself for 2020. I even share a template in Canva that you can use.

Big Announcement

In celebration of our first birthday, we are giving away ONE YEAR OF OUR MEMBERSHIP, THE CHILL BUSINESS SOCIETY!! To be entered into the drawing, you must do the following:

  • Create a Story or Post on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Share what you like about The Chill Business Journey.
  • Tag @ChillDigitalMarketing
  • Include the hashtag #ChillBusinessJourney

That’s it! Easy peasy!! You just have to have the Story or Post created before 11:59pm MST on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

We will then have a drawing on Monday, February 10th to see who the lucky winner is. We will notify the winner via direct message on whichever platform you used to create the Story or Post.

Thank you so much for going on this journey with us. We can’t wait to share more fun and exciting things this year.

Until next time…


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2 years ago

Hiya Diana!!
Happy birthday to Chill!!!
You sound so excellent on your podcast.
Love it.
keep up your offering!!!!
Hugs for you
Robin (in Maine for the moment. In boulder in March)


2 years ago

Thank you Robin! Can’t wait to learn what your longer term plans are!!!

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