46 | 5 Tips for Choosing Conferences to Attend

Conferences to attend

Planning for Conferences in 2020

As 2019 is winding down, you may be starting to think about the conferences you want to attend. In all reality, you may have already paid for the ones you will be going to next year. If that’s the case, then apply these tips to 2021!

Here are 5 tips for choosing a Conference

1 – The price and timing work for you

In Episode 44: 3 Tips For Choosing a Mastermind Retreat, I talked about the price and timing should not be a burden to you. The same is true with a conference. If you are worried about being there, then you won’t be open to the learning experience you could have.

2 – Go to Conferences that your ideal customer goes to

If you know the type of conferences that your ideal customer goes to, then you should be considering going to those same ones. You will be swimming in the sea of potential clients, so why would you not want to be there?

3 – Check out Local Events

These may not be the full blown thousands of people attending, but there is something special about meeting people where you live. You are able to forge stronger bonds simply because of the close geographic location.

Check out sites like MeetUp or Eventbrite to see what is happening close to you. The added bonus is saving on travel expenses.

4 – See if anyone in a group you are in is planning to attend

Most small business owners are in some kind of group online where we seek out peer advice. Ask in those groups if anyone is going to a specific conference you are either already going to or thinking of going to. This can make the event have a bigger impact if you are experiencing it with someone else.

5 – Sign up to be a volunteer

If you want to become more involved in a particular conference, a great way to do that is to apply to be a volunteer. Typically you get free access to the conference, but you are required to spend a certain amount of time working before you can participate.

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Bonus Tip

Once you build up your connections to the facilitators of the conferences you’ve attended, you could start looking into speaking opportunities at a future conference.

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