#45 | 3 Components All Landing Pages Must Have

Landing Pages

Let your Landing Pages do the heavy lifting

When you are running a campaign for your business, your landing pages play a critical role in your sales funnel.

This is where the decisions are made for most of your potential clients. This is the place where you lay everything on the table of how your product/service is exactly what they need right now.

The 3 Components of Landing Pages

1 – State Their Pain

You want to make sure you acknowledge where they are right now in their journey. You need to acknowledge the pain/problem/struggle they are having for which they are seeking help.

This helps them not only know that they are not alone, but that someone else has the answers they are seeking.

2 – Show Life Without That Pain

Once you’ve established that you know exactly what they are going through, you can then start to show them what life would be like if that pain/problem/struggle was alleviated.

When you can create a longing in them for what life could be like, it sends them further down your sales funnel.

3 – Share How Your Product/Service Can Get Them The Life They Want

After you’ve acknowledged their suffering and showed them what life could be without it, then it’s time to share how your product/service can get them through that journey. How it is the bridge from one scenario to the other.

Bonus Tips

Now that you understand the core parts of what your landing pages should have, I wanted to share a couple of tactical things you should be aware of.

  • If using your website, do not have your menu for your site at the top (or sidebar) of the page.
  • You may or may not want to have your footer visible, as this can be a distraction too.
  • Do not have any pop-ups or other CTAs that do not relate to the product/service that the landing page is about.

Other Tools

Here are some other tools you may want to use to create landing pages that are not on your website:

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