#44 | 3 Tips for Choosing a Mastermind Retreat

SMMS Mastermind Retreat

Mastermind Retreats can really move you forward

Whether you are thinking about going on a mastermind retreat for personal reasons or for your business, they really can help you grow in so many ways. If you are looking for a way to get continuing education, you may want to check out Episode 16 to make sure a mastermind retreat is what you should be doing.

I recently returned from the annual Social Media Manager School Business Mastermind Retreat, and it got me thinking about the benefits of these types of retreats.

The 3 tips for finding the best retreats

1. Surround yourself with your peeps

This by far is the most important thing you want to make sure any mastermind retreat you attend has: Your people. If you are not in the presence of people that make you feel safe.

2. It shouldn’t be a burden for you

Any retreat you are thinking of attending should never be a burden on you. Whether that is with your money or your time. You definitely want to make sure it is something that you can afford. But you may not think as much about if you can afford the time to go.

3. You should get at least 1 Ah-Ha moment

It may be harder to validate an ah-ha moment until after you have attended the retreat. But looking back to see whether or not you received this lightbulb moment, you can determine if you will attend that retreat the next time.

I don’t leave you hanging

I promise that I definitely do not leave you hanging with these 3 tips. I give lots of examples of my experiences at the SMMS Retreats. And I have to say, my examples were probably the easiest part of this episode. Suffice it to say, I really love my SMMS tribe.

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