#42 | Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Omnichannel Marketing

The difference between Multichannel & Omnichannel Marketing

Knowing the difference between Multichannel Marketing and Omnichannel Marketing will help immensely in the planning process, as they are two very different ways or concepts of marketing.

Multichannel Marketing means that you are utilizing several different marketing avenues to get your messaging across. At the base, your company is the central component with tentacles reaching out to the various platforms you use for your messaging.

With Omnichannel Marketing, the client is the center of the messaging. Your marketing efforts meet them where they are at in the sales journey with your business. There is more personalization with this strategy.

4 Component of Omnichannel Marketing

  • Marketing Channels – both online and offline
  • Consistency
  • Personalization
  • Optimization

Building your Marketing Technology Stack

These are going to be your set of tools that you utilize for managing your omnichannel marketing. Instapages lists some common tools in their article What is Omnichannel Marketing based on research from Aberdeen. The following are the most common tools:

  • Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) – We use Dubsado* here at Chill.
  • Video/web conferencing tool – We use Zoom here at Chill.
  • Email Service Provider – We use Active Campaign* here at Chill.
  • Marketing Automation Platform
  • Print materials & Solutions – we use GotPrint for our printed material which we create in-house.
  • Analytics & Data Visualization solutions – some social media maintenance tools have analytics built into them.
  • Content Management System – We use WordPress for our website at Chill.

Of those, I think the 3 bare minimum tools you need to get started are a CRM, Email Service Provider and Content Management System. You can always add to your tools as your business grows and your omnichannel marketing becomes more sophisticated.

Check out how this all may look

In this episode I share a walk through of how this omnichannel marketing approach may work for a small business. Know how this flow could look may help you understand more how this process works.

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