#40 | Social Media Manager School with Phyllis Khare

Social Media Manager School

Are you interested in Social Media Marketing?

In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with co-founder of The Social Media Manager School, Phyllis Khare. We dive into a lot of different aspects of the school. We open things up by talking about the culture/community of the school.

This school has been the foundation of the work that we do at Chill Digital Marketing. I’m not sure where we would be today without the education and support that we have gotten as an alumni if this school.

The curriculum is quite robust, and not like anything you will find anywhere else.

The Doors Are OPEN!

At the time of the release of this episode, the doors are open to sign up for the school. The doors will be closing on November 17, 2019.

If you are ready to get a robust education on all things Social Media, then The Social Media Manager School is what you need!

We also chat about some success stories that have come out of the school. Here is a fun video sampling of work selfies of a few of the students (hint – your’s truly just may be in there too ?).

2 Amazing FREE offers from Social Media Manager School!

The school has created some AMAZING offers to share that are absolutely FREE! I remember waaaaaay back in the day, that I sat in on a webinar that Phyllis and Andrea did promoting the school. It was about how to make $1000/month with social media management. It was from that webinar that I ended up joining.

The first offer that Phyllis is providing through Social Media Manager School is their FREEE Social Media Manager and Consultant Starter Kit. This starter kit has grown from just that one piece of content (the webinar I attended), to include many other components.

The second offer is a FREE Social Media Manager Quick Start Checklist. Who doesn’t like a good checklist? You feel so accomplished after completing it!

Are you interested in Social Media Manager School?

If so, then here are all the places you can find the school:

Want to connect with Phyllis?

If you feel like maybe the school may not be what you are looking for, but you want to connect with Phyllis, here are the places you can find her:

Tool Tip

I wrap things up with asking Phyllis about a new tool that she has come across. And that tool is Headliner. It’s a way to create a video with your audio file.

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PS – In full disclosure, the links to the free offers and school landing page are affiliate links.

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