#39 | 4 Reasons for a Business Profile on Social

Business Profile on Social

Do you have a Business Profile?

I can’t tell you how many times when I ask the question “Who has a Business Profile?” in my in-person workshops, that I actually get people that do not raise their hands. They state that they just use their personal profile to talk about their business.

I’m here to tell you, if you have a business (and it’s not a hobby), then you need to be using Business Profiles on all the social platforms you use. I’m not saying you need to create one for every platform out there, just the ones you use.

The 4 reasons to have a Business Profile

While there are certainly more than 4 reasons why you should have a business profile, we narrowed it down to these four:

  1. To build your authority.
  2. To run ads and reach a larger audience.
  3. To consistently have public content.
  4. To have a place for professional messaging.

Listen to the episode to learn about each of these 4 reasons in detail.

Don’t forget…doors to the society are closing tomorrow!

So this section is not an evergreen portion of this episode, but we wanted to share one more time that the doors to sign up as a Founding Member of our Chill Business Society will be closing TOMORROW!

Head on over to The Chill Business Society, so sign up today. And if you are reading this post after October 31, 2019, that same link will take you to our waitlist landing page.

We also made a podcast episode that talks all about our Chill Business Society. Head on over to Episode 38 if you want to learn more about it all!

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