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The Chill Business Society

The Chill Business Society – where you need to be!

Ok, so we are a little biased on how absolutely AMAZING The Chill Business Society will be for you and your business. Our Founding Members launch is going on RIGHT NOW, so be one of the lucky few who get in on this incredible offer.

What is The Chill Business Society you ask? Well, in this episode we dish out all the details. But before we get into that, I want to answer your burning question right from the start: How much does this cost?

You can’t beat this launch price!

Now, if you are checking out this episode’s show notes page after October 31, 2019….well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. You are no longer able to get this AMAZING deal.

If you are checking out this page BEFORE October 31, 2019, then you need to get signed up right away before the cart closes!

And that is because we are launching The Chill Business Society’s membership at the “never will see again” lowest price of $20/month. Yep, you heard me right….$20/month.

And it gets a little better than that! You can get one month FREE by subscribing to the annual plan of just $220! Say what?!?!? We’ve probably lost our minds, but it’s the gift we want to give to YOU for being one of the first to go on this journey with us.

What’s in it?

So glad you asked! The way we are structuring our membership is to give each month a theme or topic. Everything we cover that month will be centered around that theme.

Mondays are the key day of the week for the membership. And it will look something like this:

  • 1st Monday – Theme released
  • 2nd Monday – Deeper dive into theme
  • 3rd Monday – Accountability week
  • 4th Monday – Q&A week
  • Random 5th Monday – Bonus week! You have to be a member to find out what happens on these unicorn weeks!

What are the themes?

I share in the episode the first 2 upcoming themes for November and December.

In November we are going to be talking about 2020 Planning. We are going to take the Editorial Calendar that we created and using it to sit down and map out our plans for 2020.

In December we are going to tackle Instagram. This is a platform that is still growing and there are A LOT of moving pieces to it. So we will show you how to use this platform for your business.

Bonuses! Woohoo!

Well, we couldn’t just give you content without some bonuses, right? Not only do you get the above theme content each month in The Chill Business Society, but you also get….

  • Our monthly lunch-n-learn, Chew On This Tuesday, in the society. They may not necessarily tie into the monthly theme, but you still get access to the content. Listen to the episode for examples.
  • Member exclusive discounts. As if being a Founding Member isn’t enough, you will also get special discounts on any future products we offer.
  • And while this was mentioned before, a third bonus to our society is building relationships with accountability partners. Not only will this help you get through the monthly themes, but you will form lasting friendships as well.

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