#34 | Getting Your Content Creation Going

Content Creation

Drive that Traffic to Your Website

I’ve said it in the past, and I’m sure I will say it many more times in the years to come. And that is you need to drive traffic to your website with original content.

Check out last week’s episode where our 2020 Editorial Calendar was released. You can also download our worksheet to help you get started with content topics.

I also did another episode earlier this year that really is all about The Importance of Original Content. In that episode, I share things like the 3 reasons you should be creating original content. As well as some stats on where video and podcasts are going.

If blogging is your thing…

If the written word is your jam, then by all means create written blog posts. I had a great interview with Liz Jostes of Eli Rose Social Media earlier this year where she shares some great advice on how to be successful with your blogging.

Resources for Content Creation

There are many places that you can go to find inspiration for your content that you want to create. I talk about a couple of places you can use as resources for your content topics.

Some minimal limits

No matter which type of content you create, there should be a written component to allow search engine crawlers to index your content.

If you are strictly blogging, aim for 1,000 words per blog post. If you are going the video/audio route, then the show notes page should have around 500 words.

Tips for Content Creation

Create in Batches

Once you get more comfortable creating original content, then you will definitely see yourself speeding up the creation process. When this happens, consider batching your productions.

No matter whether you choose blogs, videos or podcasts, you will notice that you may be able to produce 2-6 in a single batch setting.

Know Your Bandwidth

What is a realistic goal you can set for yourself on how often you will be publishing new content? While once per week is an ideal frequency, start where you can. It’s better to perfect it as you go rather than being paralyzed with indecision.

Know what your audience is searching for

While an occasional business announcement is perfectly acceptable, you want to make sure a majority of your content is relevant to what your audience is searching for.

Check out Google’s Keyword Planner to dive a little deeper into what search terms are being sought after the most. This can help you come up with content ideas to create around.

Evergreen Content is important

Try as much as possible to create evergreen content. This is content that doesn’t become dated as soon as it’s released. You will find that this type of content will continuously serve your audience often.

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