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Editorial Calendar

Check out our other Editorial Calendar episode earlier this year

I mention Episode 9 | Editorial Calendars in the opening of this episode. If you haven’t listened to it, then head over there now to get some background history on this topic (and to grab our 2019 EC), as this episode is more about the release of our 2020 Editorial Calendar and original content.

You also want to head over there to grab our 2019 Calendar if you are going to get started on 4th Qtr 2019.

It’s all about Original Content

I don’t mention this in the recording this week, but I also put out another episode this year that was about Original Content. I DO talk about the importance of original content and how that drives what you start plugging in to your Editorial Calendar.

I mention an article I wrote over 4 years ago, but it is still relevant today. In the article Making the Connection between Social Media and your Website, I dive a little deeper on this connection you should be making.

3 Main Types of Original Content

The 3 main types of content you could create are:

  • Written Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

However, not matter which format you choose, they all should have a written component so search engines can index the content. Just like you are reading this page that accompany’s our podcast episode.

Use the Worksheet

On the worksheet (you can grab it below), list at the top the type of original content you will be creating. Choose a type that you can realistically create on a consistent basis.

Next, spend 5 minutes doing a brain dump on topic ideas you could create content around. Just throw out single words or phrases at this point.

Finally, on the worksheet, spend about 10 minutes listing out 12 topic ideas you could write about from that brainstorming session.

Now use the Editorial Calendar

You will need to download our 2020 Editorial Calendar (you can get that below). And if you plan to get started with the end of 2019, then head over to the show notes page for Episode 9 to get it.

Take the 12 topic ideas you came out with and enter them in the Blog/Article section on the calendar. Determine the frequency you will be creating original content and get them entered.

Then you need to determine when you will make social posts to promote this latest content release. Once you figure that out, start plugging those social posts on the appropriate platform sections in the calendar.

How to get started without a website

In the episode I mention using Facebook Notes (on a personal or business profile) or LinkedIn. Here are some screen shots to find those items.

Facebook Notes on Personal Profile

Select the “More” tab on your profile page.

Facebook notes

Then choose “Notes” from the list.

Facebook Notes

On the Notes page, select the “+Add Note” button.

Facebook Notes

This will open up a Notes Template where you can upload a cover image and write your note.

Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes on Business Pages

If you have a Business Page on Facebook, I recommend using that over a personal profile note. To do that, make sure you have Notes enabled for your page. In this image you can see that is not enabled on our Chill page:

Facebook Notes

If you need to activate that tab, here are the instructions. Go to “Settings” for your business page.

Facebook Notes

On the left hand side, select “Templates and Tabs”.

Facebook Notes

Scroll down to “Add a Tab”.

Facebook Notes

Select “Add Tab” for the Notes feature.

Facebook Notes

Then go back out to your business profile page, and you should see Notes available.

Facebook Notes

LinkedIn Articles

Another social platform you could use if you do not have a website is LinkedIn. You can create short posts or longer articles. To create an article, log into your account and at the top of the home page, select the “Write an Article” link.

LinkedIn Article

Then you will instantly get the editing tool to create your article. You can upload a header image and even upload other images and/or video in the content area.

LinkedIn Article

Getting started with a low cost website

Techradar did write an article earlier this year that reviewed some free web hosting sites: Best Free Web Hosting of 2019.

I highly recommend a WordPress site if you go the paid route as they are the most robust type out there.

Grab your Worksheet and Editorial Calendar below!

Until next time….


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