#32 | 4 Ways To Get In Front Of Your Target Market

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Know Who You Are Targeting

Before we dive into these 4 ways to hang out with your target market, you need to knowing WHO your ideal client is.

Earlier this year we did an episode on Creating Your Client Persona. Give it a listen and download the worksheet we created to help you go through this process.

4 Ways To Hang With Your Target Market

Once you know who your Client Persona is, you will have many insights into the things they like/do/want. So let’s check out 4 free to low cost ways you can get in front of your ideal client.

1 – MeetUp

You can find your local target market by entering keywords from your Client Persona form in the search feature on MeetUp to find local groups that are getting together. Use these events as an opportunity to network.

You can even create your own group and start hosting events yourself. They do have a monthly fee now, so you need to make sure this will be a benefit for you.

2 – Facebook Groups

Just like MeetUp, you can enter search terms on the Facebook platform and select “groups” to do the search on. Using your Client Persona, search for groups that you think they will be members of.

You can also create your own group to moderate to grow your reach on this platform. You can create one group for your target market and another group with peers.

3 – LinkedIn

While great for B2B businesses, B2C businesses can be just as successful.

Start off by making sure your profile is optimized. As you start to connect with people, I can promise one of the first things they will do is check out your profile.

Then start connecting with those individuals that you know. You can also expand over time connecting with more and more people.

Joining groups is another great way to get in front of your target market. Just like on MeetUp and Facebook, search for groups using keywords from your Client Persona.

4 – Twitter

A big feature on Twitter where you can be active with your ideal clients is using Twitter Chats. This is where conversations happen in real time using hashtags to track the conversation.

Once you become comfortable with participating in Twitter Chats, then you may want to host your own. This can help you build your authority on this platform by engaging with your target market.

And 2 Bonuses!

I couldn’t stop at just 4, so now you get 2 more!

1 – Online Forums

Forums are areas where you can have a lot of engagement with your target market. And it’s really easy to find them by doing a Google search. Simply type in one of those almighty keywords from your Client Persona and “+ forum” in the search bar. Then check out the different results you find. Keep doing searches using different key terms.

2 – Conferences and Trade Shows

Think about the last conference you went to. What did you likely see there? Lots of vendor booths! You were their target market, so they showed up.

Now it may not be feasible for you to do a vendor booth at a conference, but you could simply buy a ticket to the conference so you can network with all those potential clients!

Be sure to provide value!

No matter which methods you choose (and you really should be doing more than one), the key thing in all these situations is to serve don’t sell. Provide value to the people you interact with. Build those relationships. And the sales will come naturally!

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