#31 | Changes with the Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook Ads

Major changes for Facebook Ads

We all know that Facebook doesn’t stand still for too long. Whether that’s by their own doing, or because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The 3 biggest changes for Facebook Ads that are important right now are:

  • Budgets moving to the Campaign Level
  • User verification for Political ads
  • Ads related to credit, housing & employment

Moving Budgets

Starting in September, all ads will have to set their budgets at the Campaign Level instead of the Ad Set Level. You want to make sure that you are monitoring the results of your ads to make sure you are optimizing your ad spend the way you intended.

With the budget set at the Ad Set level, you could control which targeting got which funds. At the Campaign Level, Facebook determines which ad set gets the most funds based on the ad set’s performance.

Here is Facebook’s article on the Budget Migration to Campaign Level.

Political Ads

If you want to run any type of social issues, elections or political ads, you must submit proof of id and validate your mailing address. While this is not a new policy (it actually went into effect the summer of 2018), they are becoming more strict in designating ads as political ads.

Where this may affect small business owners is in Facebook’s AI flagging non-political ads as political ads. Check out the bonus section below to see how you can appeal this.

You can learn more about Facebook’s Policy on Getting Authorized for political ads.

Credit, Housing & Employment Ads

Another change to ads that started back in March this year, is designating ads that have to do with credit, housing or employment at the Campaign Level when you first start to create your ad.

Due to a settlement with the ACLU and other civil rights groups, Facebook made changes to what targeting is allowed on Facebook Ads. This is to protect these categories from discrimination with ads.

You can learn more about the Credit, Housing & Employment changes for Facebook Ads.

How to Appeal a Facebook Ad denial

If your ad has been denied, you will get an email letting you know. Click on the “Edit Button” to open up Ads Manager to see why your ad was not approved.

Facebook Ads 1
Facebook Ads 2

You can edit the ad (if you are in fact in violation of their policy), or you can submit an appeal.

You can check on the status of your appeal by making sure you are logged into Facebook, and then going to https://facebook.com/support. This will show you all your support tickets, both open and closed.

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