#29 | Membership Sites

Membership site

Things to consider when creating a membership site

In this episode I share some things you should be thinking about if you want to start a membership site

Prelaunch work is critical

A few weeks ago, in episode 26 | Should You Launch an Online Course, I talked about all of the work you need to do before launching the course. The same applies to launching your membership site. Be sure you are creating valuable content for your audience, so they are eager to get more wonderful information from you through your membership site.

What is the purpose?

Before you get started on the details of creating a membership site, you need to know what your purpose is for creating it. When you have your purpose dialed in, then that can lead you through your content creation. And it will help keep you on track as the months and years go by.

Then you need to strategize

The next phase, before you even launch your membership site, will be to block out some time to strategize the content you will be providing over the next 6-12 months. This way you are not scrambling each month to come up with the content you will be sharing. You should also determine what type of format your site will have. Will you provide pre-recorded videos, live videos, worksheet/workbooks, special podcasts or a combination of formats?

Interested in Tribe?

While it is only open once a year, I highly recommend looking into Stu McLaren’s Tribe course next year. He always kicks it off with a free workshop series. You can get on the waitlist so you know when the doors open again next year! Just as a side note…I’m not an affiliate or anything for Tribe. Just a raving fan.

Where will you host your site?

Here are the ones mentioned in the episode:

When Tribe launches their membership site platform, we will update this post.

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I could use your help!

I share a little story about what brought me to the place to create a membership site for Chill. And after that story I ask for your help. I would love for you to take about 2 minutes of your time to take a survey I created to get a better idea of the content you would be most interested in on a membership site. It is not a solicitation to join our membership, but rather a data collecting exercise. Please check out my Survey below and be entered into a drawing we will have on September 15th for 6 months of FREE membership!

*If you are unable to see the embedded form below, you can go directly to the SURVEY.

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