#28 | 4 Tools Small Businesses Should Use

Tools for businesses

The Basic Tools

In this episode we dive into the basic tools all small businesses should be using. Now, you may need or use more tools than we talk about. These that we cover are just the basics.


The first and probably the most important type of tool is a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. This type of program is how you keep track of all your clients, contacts and potential clients. The 4 brands I covered in this episode are:

Email Marketing Service Provider

Email is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. And it is very important you use an email marketing service provider tool so that you can monitor how well your email campaigns (or broadcasts) are doing. I talk about 3 different providers you can choose from in this episode:

Social Posting

If you are doing all of your marketing in-house, then you should also have a social posting tool for your business. This will allow you to get your social posting done in a more efficient manner. The 3 tools I talk about in this episode are:

Internal Communication

Being able to communicate with your team or clients in real time is imperative in this day and age. Therefore, using a tool that can help with this is very important. While there are many tools out there that can help you with this, I talk about the following 3 in this episode:

Bonus Tools

It was hard for me to just share the 4 types of tools above, therefore, I also added a couple of bonus tools.

Editorial Calendar

If you have been listening to this podcast for a while, then you know I often bring up Editorial Calendars. If you would like to get a FREE 2019 Editorial Calendar, then head on over to the show notes page for the episode we did earlier this year.

And be on the lookout for our 2020 Editorial Calendar coming out next month!

Video Call Programs

The second type of tool we shared in the bonus section is one used for video calls. With technology improving the way it has, it is easier for businesses to work remotely with clients and employees/contractors. Therefore, the most cost effective way to have “face to face” meetings is through video conferencing.

The 3 tools I talk about in this episode are:

Until next time…


*These are the tools that we use at Chill Digital Marketing.

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