#26 | Should You Launch an Online Course?

Online course

Is an Online Course right for you?

Before you start creating your online course, you need to already have a vision of where you want your business to go. Taking time to look at your 3, 5 and even 10 year goals is a great start to making this decision.

You also need to look at the topic you want to create your course around. In this episode I talk about 2 types of businesses Jeff Walker states isn’t the best for creating an online course for. And then I cover Amy Porterfield’s list of the types of content that tend to do really well as an online course.

For the most part, just about any subject matter can have a course created around it.

Some key questions to ask yourself

While there are several other questions we cover in the episode, the main ones you need to ask are:

  • What do you want to acheive with this addition of an online course?
  • How will this new online course tie into your existing business?
  • How much time do you have to devote to creating this new product?

Creating an Online Course takes A LOT of work

In order to go into course creation with your eyes wide open, you need to know that the process takes A LOT of work. And I’m not just talking about the amount it takes to create the course itself (as that too is a big time commitment), but it’s all the work you need to do BEFORE you launch your new product.

Both Jeff Walker and Amy Porterfield have their own versions of prelaunch work that everyone needs to do before they launch an online offering. Since I’m going through Amy’s Digital Course Academy (more on that below), I share some key points from her program that are in essence the same strategy points Jeff points out in his book: Launch.

Email is not dead

You may have heard that email is dead. But I am here to tell you it is not. And before you launch any online courses, you need to constantly be building your email list. It is through this list that you will be sending the notifications of you latest products.

Grow it with content

In order to continually grow your email list, you must be constantly creating valuable content. I used to create one blog post a month (and not very consistently at that). But in Amy’s DCA program, we are told we should be creating weekly content. And that is how The Chill Business Journey was born.

I am constantly sending people to our website through the podcast to read these show notes pages. And I would say about 50% of the episodes have some type of content or information that I use to capture emails in order to release that content. Check out episode 24 | Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. There you can see that I have some further content the visitor can get if they give us their email.

Go live every week

Another important way to grow your list is to be going live every week on at least one social platform. This allows you to talk about your latest content you released.

I go live every week on Facebook and Instagram (although IG isn’t getting love while I’m out of town due to tech limitations). I used to go live on Mondays, but now we have switched (starting next week) to Thursdays at 11:30am Mountain Time. Hopefully you can join us on a future live video!

All that is BEFORE launching a course!

See what I mean? You have to be doing all that work above ALL YEAR LONG, even when you are not launching a course. You are building your authority and providing value to your followers before you ever start pitching an online course to them.

Then, and only then can you start selling your latest product.

Do NOT let perfection paralyze you

Another big takeaway I want to share (mainly because it is my kryptonite) is to not let perfection paralyze you. What you deem inferior may not be noticeable to your students.

And the great thing about online courses is that it’s not a one and done situation. You will launch it over and over again, so you definitely have the opportunity to improve things with the next launch!

I also go over a few technical tips for the recording process of your course. So be sure to listen to the entire episode to get all those tips!

The items I said I would share

In this recording I stated I would share some links in the show notes page. Well, here they are:

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