#19 | Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Story Brand

The Foundation of your Story Brand

As business owners, we need to go back to the basics with our messaging. I’m talking WAAAAY back. Like caveman back. Donald Miller starts off his book Building a Story Brand by educating the reader on the innate need to survive.

It may sound far fetched, but it really does make a lot of sense when he starts laying out the reasoning behind it all. At our most basic levels, we want to feel safe and secure and also to thrive. These motivators come back from the cavemen days when it was eat or be eaten.

Flipping the narrative

Most businesses project into the marketing universe all the ways that their product or services are superior to the competition’s. When in fact, what they need to be doing is sharing how their product can benefit their customers.

When businesses drone on and on about how wonderful they are, what they are really doing is causing their ideal customers to tune them out. That doesn’t bode well to survival of the business.

The Story Brand 7 Element Framework

This concept is laid out in the book as the framework that should be used to create the story of your brand. When you tell a story of how your product or service can help your potential customers’ lives, then your message is more likely to be heard.

The book also offers an online tool to work through the process of creating your Story Brand.

Get your copy today!

I’m not affiliated in any way with this book, I just wanted to be sure to provide you will a way to get your own copy of the book and start re-writing the narrative for your brand!

Now for some BIG NEWS!

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