#15 | Let’s Talk About Productivity

Free To Focus: A Total Productivity System
Free To Focus

Productivity comes from Focus

In this week’s episode of The Chill Business Journey, I talk about the latest book by Michael Hyatt: Free To Focus. As small business owners, we tend to make our productivity suffer due to lack of focus. When we are the boss, and we don’t have anyone to report to, we can get distracted.

The concepts in the book are not necessarily new, but the way Michael delivers the message had me take pause. I share a couple of “AH HA” moments I had while reading the book.

Know the Zones

In the podcast I talk about Michael’s 4 zones. I wanted to share the image of the 4 zones to make it easier for you to follow along:

Productivity chart

The Desire Zone is where your Proficiency and Passion meet. And it’s where you want to live in your business. This is where your productivity will flow easily.

“No” Means “Yes” to What’s Important

It’s critical to know what is most important to you. You start out by pruning your commitments and tasks, then determine when you will do what during specified hours in the week. When you say “No” to an ask, then you are saying “Yes” to what is important to you.

Buy the book…use the Tools

Another great part of Free To Focus is it goes beyond the book itself. Michael has also created a full suite of tools that accompany the book. Just about every chapter has a worksheet that accompanies it, to help you work through the items of that chapter.

I also make reference to our very first podcast: #1 | The 12 Week Year. On the show notes page for that episode, I have a download you can get to help you in the planning section of this book.

If you have any problems getting that download, feel free to shoot us a message on our Contact Page.

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