#4 | Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups

Should your business have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group?

To Page or not to Page….that is the questions. So what ARE the pros and cons of a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group? In this episode of The Chill Business Journey, we discuss which is best for your business. You just may be surprised at what we recommend!

If you have gone over the process of creating your Client Persona as we outlined in E3 | Creating a Client Persona, and you know that Facebook is where your audience lives, then this episode is for you.

If you are confused if you should have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group, then this episode is for you.

Maybe you already have a Facebook Page and are wondering about creating a Facebook Group, then this episode is for you.

And what if you created a Facebook Group, but not sure if that was the right choice. Then this episode is for you.

Here is a chart listing many of the common feature of pages and groups.

Facebook Page or a Facebook Group. This is an image listing what features each have.
Information source: Andrea Vahl

A key thing to think about is how public do you want your messaging to be? Facebook Pages’ posts are all public. No way to change that. In Facebook Groups, you have three types you can create which determine how public your posts are:

  • Public Groups
  • Private Groups
  • Secret Groups

One great thing about Facebook is it doesn’t matter which one you may have created first. If you opt to create the other one, you can link them together.

If you created a Facebook Group first, then you will have to create a Facebook Page and then link the two. If you created a Facebook Page first, then you can easily create a Facebook Group for it. Here is a Facebook Help Article that explains how you can do both of these.

And here is the link to a live video on Chill’s Facebook page that was referenced in this episode: Facebook Live Video Tip

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