#3 | Creating a Client Persona

Knowing your client persona is key for all businesses.

They have several different names….Client Persona, Client Avatar, Ideal Client, Buyer Persona…but they all mean the same thing – the person you want to sell to.

Knowing who you want to sell to helps immensely when mapping out your marketing strategy. And creating a Client Persona makes this abstract “person” a little more realistic.

In this episode, we dive into the need for a client persona as well as sharing how you can go about getting the information to bring this entity to life.

We have an article we wrote that takes a deeper dive into this process. You can read all about Creating Client Personas. We also mentioned reading another article we wrote called Which Social Platforms to Use, which can help you know where you should be sharing your messaging.

Here are the articles that were discussed in the episode for further reading:

Hubspot’s article: 20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas 

Clariant Creative: Creating Personas: 38 Interview Questions to Get You Started

Interative Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide For Creating A B2C Buyer Persona

So what happens in 6 months?

Listen to the episode to see what you need to do in 6 months to make sure there hasn’t been any changes with your target audience.

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