2017 Holiday Planning for Salons & Spas

2017 Holiday Planning Kit

It’s time to plan for the Holiday Season!

We know it’s not fun to think about the end of the year when Halloween is weeks away, but the Holiday Season is coming whether we like it or not. Why not be prepared to take it head on by starting your planning now?

We have taken our Holiday Planning Kit from last year and gave it a boost. Not only do you get all the great stuff from last year:

  • Planning Checklist
  • Retail Profit Worksheet (and a completed Example)
  • Event Ideas
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Promotion Timeline Excel Spreadsheet (with autofilled timeline once you enter your event or promotion date)
  • Prescription Cards
  • Employee Incentives

But you also get 18 (yes, that’s right 18!) social media images you can use on Facebook and Instagram. So what are you waiting for? Enter your email to get your 2017 Holiday Planning Kit today!


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