Making the Most of the Back to School Season

Making the Most of the Back to School Season

Can you believe that summer is half way over and it’s already time for Back to School!? 

This can be a stressful time of the year… for parents, students, and teachers alike. (That’s where you, as a salon/spa come in. It’s your job to be there for them.)

Don’t you think that a mother would like to spend some time with her daughter (or son if that is what he likes to do) at the spa before she/he goes into her/his sophomore year? And don’t you think that her child would enjoy a fresh hair cut for the new school year, or a facial that is tailored specifically to her/his changing teenage acne-prone skin?

OR… maybe mom wants to wait until the boys are back in school to spend her time alone at the spa. She would probably enjoy a nice, relaxing mani/pedi after her hard-worked summer. 😉 

Whatever the occasion, it is your job to be there for them.

They need you! 

There are so many reasons why Back to School is the PERFECT time of year for salons and day spas to run some great promotions that will appeal to a variety of audiences – moms, dads, students, and teachers. You should be taking advantage of this hectic time of year… 

What are you doing to make yourself valuable to those affected by the Back to School season??

We at Chill Digital Marketing are so excited to provide to you a

FREE Back to School Kit.

We have put a lot of time and energy into preparing an informative, comprehensive marketing plan so that you don’t have to!

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Your Back to School Kit includes:

  • a BUNCH of clever marketing and promotional ideas that you can employ at your salon/spa
  • a Retail Worksheet, which will help plan for costs and supplies, as well as determine expected profit, for your chosen promotion
  • a Campaign Spreadsheet that will prepare you and keep you on track with social media postings throughout the month(s)
  • several salon/spa-specific social images, in various sizes, that we have created for you to use on your own social media accounts



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