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Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017

Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017

Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017











Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day….

So many women spend their whole lives planning, picturing, and anticipating their wedding day. It’s one of the most important, most meaningful days in many men and women’s lives, and they want to be sure to get it right! These are memories that last a lifetime… for everyone who attends.

The hairstylist plays a crucial role in a bride’s wedding day, not only for herself, but also for her bride’s maids. The bride wants to find hairstyles that are flattering for her whole bridal party. It’s important to find a look that is trendy and attractive, but also timeless. No bride wants to look back on her wedding pictures in twenty years and cringe!

The Colorado wedding season.

In Colorado, most couples plan their weddings for the summer. 46% of couples plan their wedding for the months of June-August, while only 3% of couples have weddings in the winter. Fall and Spring are also popular in Colorado, with 38% of couples planning their weddings for the months of September-October, and 13% of couples choosing to wed between March-May. (

*Hairstylists, is an INCREDIBLE resource looked to by newly engaged couples! (Boulder link: Beauty Services in Boulder, CO.)  This website has everything a bride needs when planning her wedding… even things she didn’t think to look for! We HIGHLY recommend that you get yourself or your salon registered so brides can find you!  ** This site is great for not only hairstylists, but nail techs, makeup artists, photographers, florists, jewelers, bands, and more (plus, there is a free option)!

See what signing up will do for you:

The dresses are the ultimate declaration of the bride’s style and character.

Here’s what we’re seeing in 2017:

Metallic colors & flowing gowns


































Pops of color














The hair, however, is the icing on the cake,

and the hair accessories are the toppers. They tie it all together, all the way down from the carefully chosen satin peep-toe pumps, to the simple yet elegant jewelry, and up to the crown of the beautiful bride.

Wedding Hairstyle Trends 2017: 

Crowns made of flowers



Charming up-do’s



Long, sexy, curly



Incredible, creative braids



Retro perfection



A more mystical approach…



As seen in New York’s Bridal Fashion Week…

“No makeup” makeup


More incredible braids!


Strong brows


Innocent, pink lips


Pink eyeshadow, monochromatic makeup, and a glowing complexion


Classic glamour with a modern twist – red lipstick with orange undertones, and a thin cat-eye


Boho-inspired, with a beautiful flower crown of course 😉


Pink eye makeup, subtle makeup, bright white eyes














“Love doesn’t make the world go round.

Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

-Franklin P. Jones


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Determining Your Niche and Finding Your Ideal Client












Is there a certain theme or specific characteristic shared by your customers? What kinds of clients do you primarily serve… Does it vary from toddlers, to their daddies, to teens with a funky color-sense, or do you tend to draw in a more specific and homogenous crowd, like millennials wanting fun pastel highlights and accents?

Once you’ve determined YOUR salon/spa’s niche market, you are able to lay out and get specific with your “customer avatar” (also known as your “buyer persona”). Having a deep insight into who your customers are allows your messages to reach them better; therefore, laying out your niche market and ideal client are absolutely critical to your marketing strategy.

… but how do you find your niche market?

Start by making a “wish list” of the people and types of people you think you would enjoy working with. Include the geographical range, company personality/culture/interests, and types of people you want to target. Be specific. A lot of companies fail here, as they are far too broad. Targeting teenagers isn’t enough; you’d want to drill deeper (e.g., young women ages 13-20, living in Boulder, Colorado, with an average household income of $50,000-$70,000).

Next, clarify exactly what it is that you are selling. What are you good at? As a hairstylist, do you like doing short pixie cuts, are you a color specialist, or do you enjoy working with elderly clientele? Remember that your specialty product/service effectively fulfills a need or fixes a problem, but it can’t be ALL things to ALL people. Choose one thing that you really enjoy doing… something that makes you happy and something you are good at. With this process, your niche should naturally come to you. Based on your interests, experiences, and knowledge, decide what product/service it is that you want to specialize in.

For example, say that as a young adult you worked for a big, corporate salon chain and liked working with high-fashion 20-30 year old women; but now, you work for a much smaller salon where the team is incredible, but your clientele is much more varied. The key is to weigh out everything you enjoy doing, things you have done that you liked, your skills, what you are good at, etc., as well as things you didn’t like, then put it all together. In this example, you probably picked up that your best personal business venture (based on your own skill set and for your own happiness) would be: serving a niche clientele of high-fashion 20-30 year old women in your small, cozy, team-oriented salon. Figure out exactly what it is that you feel you would enjoy specializing in; then, see if it’s possible!

Evaluate. Will this niche market take you where you need to go? Is it realistic (and profitable)? Can you compete in this space?

If it is already a somewhat crowded niche market, that might still be okay! It shouldn’t be too saturated, but  some competition is a good thing! It shows that it is a good market to be in, and it shows that customers already want it and are buying it. It’s already proven.

Competition also keeps you on your feet, constantly progressing.

Most importantly, more than anything…

Passion will always beat competition.

Even if the amount of competition seems to be a little more than desired, if you are passionate about what you are doing, GO FOR IT!

Just be different. Stand out.

How are you better than your competition? Let those qualities shine!

Do you create better content than your competitors (posts, podcasts, webinars, blogs, etc.)? Or is there something you do differently? Do you take a unique approach to targeting your niche?

Should you enter?

When you think you’ve figured out your niche market, here’s a checklist you can go through to get validation on whether or not you should enter this market: Niche Questionnaire Checklist. The majority of your responses should be positive, and hopefully this will solidify your niche market choice 😉

Once your niche market is determined and your product/service is ready for them, TEST IT! You can do this by offering samples, like free product samples or a free mini-seminar on hair styling. See that your desired market syncs well with your services offered. Are they interested in what you’re selling??

If all of your homework has been done, it is time to enter the market! Don’t forget to spruce up your website, any signage in your salon, and marketing communications. They should have the same feeling and “vibe” as your niche so that they are appealing to your target market.

Keep up with it!

Remember that even once your niche is clear, established, and well-received by your customers, you must always keep up with it. Check back in with your niche every 6 months (or more!) to be sure you are still on target. Ask yourself questions, like: Who are your target clients, and who are not? What do clients think you stand for? Do you offer what prospective clients want? Do you have a sense of passion and devotion for your niche? Does it feel comfortable and natural? Will pursuing your niche help you reach your business’s goals?

Customer Avatars

It’s important to know to whom you are marketing so that your message can be specifically formed and designed with them in mind. That’s where “customer avatars,” or “buyer personas” come in handy!

These are terms used to describe a fictional representation of your business’s best customers.

A clearly defined customer avatar allows you to know the exact target you are aiming at. This saves you advertising and marketing dollars, as you will know things like: which social platforms to be on and which to advertise on. It will allow you to develop and communicate your messages better, as you can create posts based on your customer avatar’s preferences, desires, likes, and dislikes. Also, having a clearly defined avatar gives you the ability to work on and improve your products or services based on their needs/ wants/ desires. You can track the market to stay on top of it and up to date, and you can anticipate any new needs, behaviors, or concerns. Keep in mind that your avatar should be based off of real, current market research, not just your personal perception or opinion.


“You can’t hit a target you cannot see,

and you cannot see a target you do not have.”

– Zig Ziglar



It might even be helpful to create a negative avatar, a representation of who you don’t want as a customer. Think of past business relationships and remember all the details of why the relationship was unsuccessful. Why did that person not make a good fit for the product/service?

Identifying who you don’t want as a customer can be helpful in determining who you DO want!

Get specific with your customer avatar. Make it realistic, so you can better understand and connect with it.

Give it a name, a face (a stock image is fine), and a personal story that brings them to life. Include your avatar’s goals, values, demographics, psychographics, everything…

It’s okay to eventually have more than one customer avatar (especially if you sell other products/services that appeal to a separate market), but it’s important to focus on (and master!) just one at a time.

If you need help creating your avatar, I’d definitely recommend checking out this website: How to Create Your Customer Avatar. The author goes into greater detail in helping you define your avatar. Remember that you have to dig deep with your avatar. Get specific! How to Create Your Customer Avatar includes an awesome, super-detailed template that you can download to aid in your avatar description. It also has a great example of a customer avatar so you can see how specific you should get here.

In conclusion…

For the benefit of both yourself and your business, specialize in something that 1) you enjoy doing, and 2) you are good at! With your expertise and confidence shining through, you will naturally attract some of that niche audience you so desire. To capture the rest of that audience, you need to find them. Reach out to them, advertise and market to them. Form the appropriate messaging, imaging, and vibe.

With your desired niche market drawn to you, along with your continuous effort to engage with and reach out to that market, you will be working with your desired, ideal customers in no time!



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Using Instagram

Using Instagram

Using Instagram


It’s a fun, creativequickly-growing social media platform, and it’s all about the ViSuAlS! With that being said, Instagram is the PERFECT place to market your salon or day spa. People love searching the internet and browsing images looking for inspiration. It’s a great place to look to for their next crazy hair color, short pixie cut, holiday nail design, or prom up-do.

People are on Instagram. Lots of people (over 600 million monthly active users)! And they are searching… Are you there? Is your presence noticeable? How does your salon’s page rank compared to other salons’ pages?

Creating a stunning Instagram page that appeals to users and makes them want to “follow” you can be tricky. You just have to know what you’re doing 😉

It all seems so simple.

But there are some things you should know…

The app is a powerhouse.

Since its release in October 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular photo sharing apps out there. It is now available in 25 languages and continues to grow and thrive compared to other social media apps.

Using Instagram


The chart above shows the median monthly follower growth per brand (%) throughout 2016. The data clearly reveals that Instagram has been the leader in follower growth, month after month (compared to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook).

Brand follower growth on Instagram, on average, increases 6-8% month-over-month. That is TWICE the monthly follower growth rate of LinkedIn and more than THREE times the monthly follower growth rate of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (

In fact, Instagram’s active user base has more than doubled since 2014! As of December 2016, Instagram reached more than 600 million monthly active users (

Instagram is growing, and it’s growing quickly. With that being said, it’s crucial that you know what you’re doing on Instagram in order to make your account (and business) stand out from the rest!

The basics of Instagram.

Using Instagram

First, download the app and sign up, preferably choosing a username that is exactly like your business name (so your followers can easily search for and find you). Set your profile picture and write a short bio. Your bio should briefly explain who/what your business is and what you can do for others. As a small business owner, it is important to also include a link in your bio (for example, the link to your website, the link to your Facebook Page, or a link to information on a current promotion you are running). When links are included in individual posts, they aren’t “clickable”; therefore, you want to make sure there is an easily accessible, clickable link in your bio that your fans can look to for more information about you and your business.

Find friends by connecting to your contact list, your Facebook account, Twitter account, or by manually searching for them. Once you find and “follow” your friends, their posts will begin to show up on your “Home” page. Going forward, you are free to follow/unfollow whoever you’d like even after your account has been set up.

Keeping it safe.

Instagram does have certain rules in place that they hope will help keep the platform safe for young audiences. For instance, Instagram does not allow you to post anything “violent or pornographic.” Also, no one under age 13 is allowed to use the app. To help enforce these policies, people browsing the app have the power to “report a user” should they find their postings inappropriate.

To report a user, click the button at the top right hand corner of his/her profile and “report.”

Navigating Instagram.

With your Instagram account up and running, start playing around. The app is actually pretty easy to learn and get the hang of. (Keep in mind that you can access and browse Instagram from your computer, but you cannot add photos. The app must be used for posting.)Using Instagram

From your Home page, you are able to browse your Newsfeed (seeing posts only of those whom you follow, as well as any ads), record and post an IG Story for your followers to see (by clicking the “+” in the upper left-hand corner), or go to your Direct Messages (by tapping the delta symbol in the upper right-hand corner).

Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom banner to view the Search page. From here, you can search for keywords, users, or hashtags. (Note: Celebrity IG Stories will also be on the Search page, underneath the search bar.)

The heart icon on the bottom of the screen will take you to your account’s activity (notifications). Here, you can see who has liked and commented on your photos, as well as who has started following you.

Tapping the person-shaped icon on the bottom right-hand side will take you to Your account. From your own page, you can Add friends from your Facebook or contacts list (tap the “+” in the top left-hand corner of your screen), view IG options or adjust your settings (click the gear icon on top right), or edit your profile (button to the right of your username).

You can always click back to the “Home” icon (bottom left) to return to your newsfeed 🙂


Hashtags are HUGE on Instagram, and they are a great way to play around and get familiar with Instagram if you are new to the platform. They are like keywords. Just start searching hashtags that interest you (e.g. #hairstylist, #hairsalon, #fashion, #beauty, etc.), and browse through all of the public photos that have been posted with that specific hashtag. It’s a great way to look around, get used to the app, and find some new, exciting accounts to follow!

Remember that for each picture you post on your account, you should add relevant hashtags that pertain to your business and that particular post. Choose hashtags that people are likely searching for so they can find you through them. Use both general and specific hashtags. General hashtags, like #hair, will have the potential to reach a LOT of people, but with the expansive search results, your photo might get buried in the mix. However, with a more specific hashtag, like #FrenchBraidSummerUpdo, the results will be fewer and your photo will be closer to the top of the results.

Using brands’ already-trending hashtags are another great way to get your name out there. For example, Redken uses hashtags like #redkenready and #redkenobsessed that anyone can use in their photos. Make sure to use these if you’re using redken products! Who knows… Redken might even see your photos and ask to feature them on their own page (thus having the potential to drastically increase your following) 😉

Also consider creating your own hashtag, unique to your company, that you use in all of your posts. Your unique hashtag is a way of getting creative and building your brand. It is also something that users can use in their own posts if they want to engage with you and your company.

Posting your artwork to Instagram.

To post to Instagram, tap the “Camera” tab (the “+” icon in the bottom center of the banner). Choose either an existing photo/video from your phone’s library, or take an original photo or video on the spot using Instagram’s in-app camera.

After choosing your photo/video, click “next” (upper right) and select a filter for your post (if you desire). Tapping on the same filter again will allow you to choose the intensity of that filter. Generally, you will want to adjust the filter to not be 100%. You can also further edit your photo by using the editing tools on the bottom right corner of the screen; here, you can adjust things such as: brightness, contrast, saturation, fade, vignette, etc.

Remember that if you do use filters and editing tools, it helps to use the same, or similar, techniques with every post you make. It will help keep the theme and overall appearance of your page consistent and attractive. Also, don’t go overboard with filters and editing! You want to keep the picture natural and realistic (especially if working with hair colors), but make the photo pop. So use the editing features to lighten up shadows, bring a little brightness to the photo, etc., but don’t over-do it. Minimal edits and subtle changes are usually all you will need to enhance the photo and make it perfect.

Tip: Hold down on the image at any point during the editing process to view the original, unedited version. Use this trick to compare the before/after images and make sure you’re not taking the editing too far.

After you’ve made your photo BEAUTIFUL, click “Next” and add a caption. (Don’t forget to use hashtags in your caption!) On this screen, you have the option to “tag” anyone or any other businesses that are in your photo. You can also add a location of where the photo was taken.

To share the masterpiece you have just created, tap “Share” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. I always like to then read back over my caption one more time, looking for typos or trying to think of any hashtags that I could add. Then, I go to my account’s page and make sure the photo looks good in the line-up of all my existing work.

Eye-catching images.

To grow your Instagram following, take and post pictures of unique things. Your feed needs to be interesting, captivating, and offer something that others don’t. Your photos should be high quality, clear, crisp, and beautiful.

Using Instagram

Portray your brand.

Your audience should get a certain “vibe” when they look through your Instagram page. They should get a feeling of who you are, what you’re about, and what you can do for them. They will instantly decide whether or not they are interested in your brand and, at that moment, make the decision of whether or not to “follow” you.

Using Instagram


Live your brand. Make it clear who you are, and you will draw the perfect audience.

We recommend using a watermark or your logo on work you’ve done. Not only does this help get your brand out there, but it prevents users from taking your image and sharing it on their own page without giving you credit! There is an app called iWatermark that lets you quickly and easily insert your watermark onto images.


 Follow a theme.

Using Instagram





One way to do this is by following a pattern with your posts. Look to the left to see how uses alternating colors to create a checkerboard pattern.









Using Instagram






On the other hand, @katgaskin follows a theme by simply posting pictures that all relate to each other and flow together nicely. The high-quality tropical photos with pastel colors are beautiful together!







Using Instagram






@endotaspa is a network of day spas in Australia; their account follows a beachy teal and beige color scheme.











Another method of creating a theme on your page is to fade from one color into the next over time, as seen in @tarteyogurt’s feed below.

Using Instagram Using Instagram Using Instagram

The most important thing to remember when choosing a theme is that the theme must fit with your brand – it must portray who you are as a business. Your brand image should be clear and consistent. People should feel a certain way when they look at your page and instantly get a good idea of your company and the company culture.

With one quick glance at your page, people will instantly decide whether your page is eye-catching, captivating, and interesting enough to them, or if it’s something they will immediately turn away from. You might only get one chance!

Keep it interesting.

Post a good variety of photos.

  • Before and after’s are always fun (make sure you get clients’ approval to post)!
  • You could also post any cool up-do’s or braided hairstyles you’ve done at your salon lately.
  • Post pictures of stylists at work.
  • Occasionally, post a good picture of any new hair products or styling tools you’ve gotten in (Don’t advertise too often).
  • Another idea is to create posts about upcoming deals, events, or promotions; simply take a picture of the flyer you are using in your shop to advertise, and post that to IG.
  • One final idea is that when you bring on new hairstylists or employees, share their photo and a little bio on IG.

Grow your following and engage with them.

It’s important to post regularly. Pick a schedule that works for you, but it’s best to post at least every few days. Make sure you tag any personal/business IG accounts that are in the photo; that way, the photos will show up on their page as well.

When you are doing your posting, take some time afterwards to respond to any comments on your photos or direct messages in your inbox. Show your fans that your IG page is a spot for them to interact with and connect with your brand.

In the salon, hairstylists can ask clients if they have an IG account and if they would personally post a picture of their new hairstyle or their experience at your salon. Ask them to tag you in it!

Contests are also a great way to engage with your audience. For example, ask followers to post pictures of themselves wearing their favorite summer hairstyles and use a specific, unique hashtag. The winner could receive something like a $10 Gift Card to your salon and their photo be featured on your salon’s IG feed.

Get Inspired.

Looking for hair inspiration? Check out this article on for an AWESOME list of inspirational hair accounts that you should probably follow 😉

Using Instagram

Get started!

Capture the beauty around you,

and share it with the world.










Please leave any questions or comments in the boxes below 🙂

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2017 Beauty Shows & Special Events!

It is incredibly fun, encouraging, and rewarding to be a part of the beauty industry. The industry is comprised of the most wonderfully-creative and imaginative stylists, artists, and professionals from all around the world. These people are driven; they continue learning every day, either by working with new clients in their daily practice, or by planning for special events throughout the year (continuing education, beauty shows, conferences, workshops, etc.)

These special events allow for incredible learning opportunities and give insight into what the upcoming trends will be (or who the next hottest company is).

…but probably most importantly, the networking opportunities at trade shows and conventions are endless! They’re such a great way to connect with old friends, while meeting the industry leaders of today and tomorrow.


“The bold adventurer succeeds the best.”  – Ovid


With that being said, what events will you be attending this year!? Get planning! Following, you will find just a SHORT list of some of the BIGGER beauty shows and special events of 2017.

January 28-30: International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE), Long Beach, CA –                                             *** This weekend. We will be there! Hope to see you 😉 ***
January 29: Colorado Bridal Show, Denver, CO
February 2: Unveiled Bridal Fashion Show, Fort Collins, CO
February 9-16: New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017, New York, NY –
February 17-21: London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017, London, England –
February 22-28: Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017, Milan, Italy –
February 28-March 8: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017, Paris, France –
March 12: Colorado Bridal Show, Westminster, CO
March 12-14: International Beauty Show (IBS) New York, New York, NY –
March 12-14: Int’l. Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference, New York, NY –
March 25-27: America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, IL –
March 25-27: Int’l. Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference, Chicago, IL –
March 30-April 3: Denver Fashion Weekend, Denver, CO
April 22-24: New York Int’l. Bridal Week, New York, NY –
May 7-10: World Massage Festival, Cherokee, NC –
May 18-21: American Massage Conference, Virginia Beach, VA –
May 21-22: SalonCentric/State/RDA Trend Stage, Denver, CO –
June 17-20: Milan Fashion Week (Milano Moda Uomo), Milan, Italy –
June 24-26: International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV –
June 24-26: Int’l. Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference, Las Vegas, NV –
July 2-6: Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture), Paris, France –
July 4-7: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Berlin, Germany –
July 9: North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), Las Vegas, NV –
July 9-11: Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas, NV –
July 10-13: New York Fashion Week (Men’s), New York, NY
July 23: Wella Professional Nat’l. TrendVision Awards, Los Angeles, CA –
August 20-22:’s Color, Cut & Style, Austin, TX –
September 7-14: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, New York, NY –
September 15-19: London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, London, England –
September 20-27: Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, Milan, Italy –
September 26-October 4: Paris Fashion Week Women’s RTW, Paris, France –
October 16-18: ISPA Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, NV –


Of course you’ll want to check up on these dates as they approach and your trip planning begins, as things can change… but START PLANNING! Get a couple of co-workers or friends together and plan a road trip, or fly out and just plan on meeting new friends at the event. 🙂

Network. Network. Network. 

And remember, this is just a small list. There are an incredible amount of beauty shows, conferences, workshops, trade shows, etc. all around the world! Find one that matches your interests and needs.




“Explore. Dream. Discover.”  – Mark Twain

Start doing some research. Get involved! 

Which event will you choose!? 



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