Changes in Facebook News Feed

Here are some key points to the Facebook News Feed changes. While Facebook taking the time to change their algorithm is nothing new, this particular change is set to have significant consequences to businesses. They have recently announced that they are trying to make sure the Facebook News Feed is showing the average user the

Jul 03, 2016 chilldm

Are You Hip to the Video Clip?

We live in a world where we are all more connected than we were just a decade ago. With the rapid evolution of social media and smartphones, there has been an explosion of shared video content. With platforms such as Merekat, Periscope, YouTube, Facebook Live, Blab, and SnapChat, the options on where you can create and

Feb 23, 2016 chilldm

In a nut shell…

  As we transition from an industrial culture of “managers” and “employees”, there are more and more small businesses popping up everywhere. Now we have “leaders” and “stakeholders” that are running companies. And with the boom of technology, comes the leveled marketing playing field where small businesses can be just as visible as the big

Jun 26, 2015 chilldm
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