Using an Editorial Calendar

Do you need one? If you are doing your own social media marketing, you MUST have an Editorial Calendar. The origin of Editorial Calendars is attributed to printed content. Newspapers & magazines would use them to to map out their strategies for upcoming publications as well as keep track of the progress being made. Today,

Jan 05, 2017 chilldm

Booking in the 21st Century

Don’t be left in the Stone Ages If you do not have some sort of scheduling or booking software for your salon/spa, then you are already at a disadvantage to your competitors. Having your virtual doors open 24/7 is how you will stay competitive in the 21st Century. Many of your clients lead busy lifestyles,

Nov 25, 2016 chilldm

2016 Salon & Spa Holiday Planning

You’ve got this! I know it’s hard to think about this when Halloween hasn’t even come, but the Holiday Season will be here before you know it. You want to make sure that your salon/spa has your holiday promotions and/or events locked down and ready to roll when it gets here. And the time to plan

Sep 07, 2016 chilldm

What to Share in Facebook Posts

If you build it, they may not come… With 1.6 billion active users on Facebook, the odds of you using it for personal reasons are pretty high. However, that doesn’t translate into knowing what you should be posting from a professional perspective. One “no-no” I see all the time is a salon or spa constantly pitching

Aug 23, 2016 chilldm
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