Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017

                    Weddings & Hairstylists in 2017 Every little girl dreams of her wedding day…. So many women spend their whole lives planning, picturing, and anticipating their wedding day. It’s one of the most important, most meaningful days in many men and women’s lives, and they want

May 10, 2017 chilldm

Determining Your Niche and Finding Your Ideal Client

                      Is there a certain theme or specific characteristic shared by your customers? What kinds of clients do you primarily serve… Does it vary from toddlers, to their daddies, to teens with a funky color-sense, or do you tend to draw in a more specific and homogenous

Apr 06, 2017 chilldm

Using Instagram

Instagram. It’s a fun, creative, quickly-growing social media platform, and it’s all about the ViSuAlS! With that being said, Instagram is the PERFECT place to market your salon or day spa. People love searching the internet and browsing images looking for inspiration. It’s a great place to look to for their next crazy hair color, short pixie cut, holiday nail design,

Mar 06, 2017 chilldm

2017 Beauty Shows & Special Events!

It is incredibly fun, encouraging, and rewarding to be a part of the beauty industry. The industry is comprised of the most wonderfully-creative and imaginative stylists, artists, and professionals from all around the world. These people are driven; they continue learning every day, either by working with new clients in their daily practice, or by planning

Feb 01, 2017 chilldm
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